Hot water is essential to every comfortable, properly run home. Unfortunately, far too many homes in Bullhead City have water heaters that are old, inefficient, slow to heat up, or quick to run out of hot water altogether. And when a water heater fails altogether, it can make your life miserable. Don’t get stuck without hot water when you need it the most. Call Plumbing by Jake.

Plumbing by Jake is your fast, reliable water heater repair, installation and replacement company in Bullhead City. For years, we have earned 5-star reviews while helping residents get the on-demand hot water they need. Whether you need a repair, a new unit installed, or simply want to lower your energy costs, we’re here to help. Call 928-377-5910 or click the book online button and talk to the water heater pros today.

What water heater services do you offer in Bullhead City?

We are a comprehensive plumbing and water heater company. We offer everything you need, including:

  • Fast, on-time repairs for any model of water heater
  • 24/7 emergency repairs when you need them most
  • Brand new water heaters, with smart recommendations based on your needs
  • Full installation of any new water heater
  • Up-front, flat-rate estimates
  • 5-Star Service and a 100% Guarantee on every job we do

Don’t settle for less experienced or less professional operations. Go with the water heater company that locals trust—and get the no-hassle experience you deserve.

I still get warm water, but it’s not hot enough. What should I do?

When water doesn’t heat as much as it used to, it’s almost always a sign of a faulty component. In many cases it means the water heater hasn’t been cleaned and maintained often enough, which can lead to declining performance. In many cases, your hot water costs will actually be going up at the same time that you’re getting less hot water, because the unit is simply overworked.

Depending on the type of water heater you have, the issue could be with a heating element, a leaking seal, or other components. Our experts can come to your home, inspect the unit, and rapidly identify the problem—and get you an up-front estimate before any work is done. We always give flat-rate estimates so that you can make an informed decision with NO hidden fees.

My energy bills have been going up. Can you help?

Yes. In many cases, if the cost of heating your water has gone up, it means that your water heater is experiencing strain and struggling to do its job. This doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced—it may have to do with a leak, a faulty component, or a buildup of scale inside the heater. It’s possible that we can improve your energy efficiency—and solve the problem—with a single service visit.

In other cases, rising energy costs relate to changes in your household. If someone new has moved in, or you’ve had children, you may simply be using more hot water than you did before. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with high energy bills forever. It may simply mean that a higher-capacity water heater would deliver enough hot water for all your needs, at a much lower heating cost.

If you like, we can also do a cost-comparison with a new water heater, and show you how long it will take for a new, more efficient unit to pay for itself.

How does water heater installation work?

Choosing and installing a new water heater can be a big job, but our professionals make it easy. We offer a variety of new water heaters including:

  • Units of all sizes so that you get the right capacity for your household
  • High efficiency units to maximize your energy savings
  • Tankless water heaters for “on demand” hot water

For the installation itself, we’ll send out one of our team members to size up the job and give you a comprehensive up-front estimate. The installation will normally include:

  • Managing permits and compliance with local codes
  • Proper placement, drainage and venting for the unit
  • Safe, professional installation of gas elements or wiring
  • Fine-tuning of the unit for optimum performance & savings
  • Disposal of your old unit (if any)

If you buy your unit from us, we also include one year of service & maintenance for free.

Talk to a Bullhead City Water Heater Specialist Today

Don’t let a problem with your water heater derail your life—or drain your pocketbook. Let Plumbing by Jake give you the 5-star service you deserve. Call us at 928-377-5910 or click the book online button and speak with one of our service experts today.