Everything needs maintenance over time. Plumbing is no different. And, like a car getting its oil changed, your home needs its plumbing inspected and cleaned —on a once-a-year basis. Kingman Homeowners who neglect this maintenance can expect leaks, clogs, rising water costs and a spike in water heating costs. They also run the risk of needing an emergency plumbing repair when something goes wrong. Don’t let this happen to you. Get an annual home plumbing maintenance plan from your local Kingman plumber—and put your mind at ease.

Plumbing by Jake is here to help. We offer an annual plan that takes care of all your home plumbing maintenance in one convenient visit per year. We will inspect and clean everything, fix any leaks, tune up your water heater—and help save you money.

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Plumbing Plan

Inspect & Test (Annual Visit)

  • Water Heater
  • Water Pump, Sump Pump, & Sewer Pump
  • Bathroom Faucets, Toilets, and Tubs
  • Kitchen Sinks & Faucets
  • Remove & Clean all Aerators
  • Showers & Faucets
  • Drains and Vents
  • Expansion Tank
  • Water Supplies
  • Safety Shut-offs
  • Water Pressure
  • Test Water Quality*
Plumbing Plan
Member Discount
15% Parts & Labor

*Water Quality Test checks for hardness, chlorine levels, and total dissolved solids (TDS)

Total Home Coverage


  • Heating and Cooling Protection
    All Benefits of the Edge Assurance Plan
  • Plumbing Protection
    All benefits of the Jake's Protection Plan
Jakes Protection plan
Edge Protection Plan
Member Discount
15% Parts & Labor
$19.99/month or

Price is for 1st unit. Each additional HVAC unit is $11.99/month or $139/year

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Top 5 Reasons Homeowners Outsource Plumbing Maintenance

  1. Avoid emergencies. Plumbing emergencies can disrupt your life, cause costly damage, and turn part or all of your home into a no-go zone. Most plumbing emergencies can be prevented by a regular maintenance inspection every year or so. Avoiding these emergencies is often the single biggest benefit of a maintenance plan.
  2. Reduce water usage. Living in Kingman, we all think about how much water we use—but often not about how much we waste. A single leaky faucet that drips once a second can waste over 2,000 gallons of water in a year. Your maintenance plan will eliminate not just the leaks you see, but the ones you don’t—and save you money.
  3. Prevent costly repairs. Not every plumbing repair is an emergency. But all of them cost more than preventative maintenance. If your maintenance plan spares you from even one plumber call for a leak, a clog, an overflow or a broken fixture—it will more than pay for itself.
  4. Improve energy efficiency. How well does your water heater run? How do you know? Plumbing maintenance plans include a full water heater tuneup so that you are running the most energy-efficient household possible (and saving even more money).
  5. Save time—in a big way. Most homeowners don’t have the time for plumbing maintenance. Getting a professional on the job means you can relax—and get it off your to-do list.

Do I need a home plumbing maintenance plan?

Everyone needs to do home plumbing maintenance, and having an annual plan makes it automatic—you don’t have to think about it or worry about it. Of course, there are some homeowners who can do without. For example:

  • Do you love doing DIY plumbing repairs?
  • Do you have the knowledge to maintain your plumbing, water heater, and appliances?
  • Do you have time to devote a whole weekend to checking your house for leaks?
  • Have you already inspected all of your plumbing systems and KNOW they have no problems?

If that’s you, then you might be one of those rare homeowners who will do just fine without a plumbing plan. For the rest of us, it’s a lot easier to let a professional do the work—and it delivers much better results.

What are the warning signs that I need plumbing maintenance?

Some warning signs are obvious and others are not. For example, you can be sure you need to look at your home plumbing maintenance if any of the following are true:

  • You have a leaky faucet
  • There is any sign of leaking—even minor leaking—in your house
  • Your water heater doesn’t put out hot water the way it used to
  • One or more drains doesn’t drain well, and resist efforts to clear them
  • Your energy bills or water bills are higher than you’d like

Often, though, it’s the invisible things you need to worry about. Pipes can leak inside the walls where you can’t see them. The efficiency of a dishwasher or water heater can slowly degrade over time. And a tree root could already be creeping into your sewer pipe, just waiting to create a sewage backup—one that spills directly into your house. These aren’t things you can easily see, but they’re things our expert plumbers will discover—and be able to take care of—during your maintenance visit.

Remember: with home plumbing maintenance, it’s always cheaper to take action now than it is to wait until there’s a problem. A short, easy maintenance call today can save you from an expensive, disruptive emergency later.

What’s included in my plumbing maintenance plan?

Your maintenance plan includes:

  • Water heater tuneup. We will inspect and flush your water heater, carrying out a complete 14-point inspection . This includes  identifying potential problems and optimizing energy usage.
  • Adjusting appliances. We can check over your water-use appliances like your dishwasher and optimize their water usage, as well as catch any leaks or other preventable problems.
  • Improving water usage. All of our adjustments and testing are focused on one end: to reduce your water usage and save you money.
  • Preventing problems. We catch the small problems now, before they turn into big problems—and preventing expensive repairs.

All inspections and maintenance are carried out by our experienced, expertly trained professional plumbers. You will not find better professionals or better service in Kingman.

All inspections backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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You have little enough free time as it is. Don’t waste it doing plumbing maintenance—and don’t let your plumbing go neglected. Plumbing by Jake deliver 5-star service and guarantee-backed results. Call us at 928-377-5910 or fill out the form to your right and get your maintenance plan today.