Cut PVC pipes showing hard water buildup inside

Everyone drinks water. We all use it for showers, dishes, and countless other purposes. But a surprising number of homes in Bullhead City have drinking water that’s questionable or even contains contaminants – and many homeowners don’t realize it. 

However, even if you don’t know what’s in your water, you can likely feel and see its effects. For example, hard water can dry out your skin and hair and leave mineral deposits in your drain or pipes, leading to costly repairs.

Whether you want to soften your water or want a complete water treatment system to make sure your water is safe, the experts at Plumbing by Jake can help.

How Safe Is the Drinking Water in Bullhead City?

The drinkability of our water depends on what you consider “safe.” Bullhead City drinking water has been rated as safe according to federal government standards. However, many residents believe those standards don’t go far enough – especially in an area known to have radioactive minerals that can enter the water supply.

At Plumbing by Jake, we closely monitor independent testing from watchdog groups. One large nonprofit, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), has carried out extensive testing on a zip code-by-zip-code basis. Unfortunately, Bullhead City did not get a clean test result.

For example:

  • A total of nine known contaminants were found in Bullhead City’s water supply
  • Three of those contaminants were above health and safety guidelines
  • They include radiological contaminants, all of which can cause cancer

Of course, residents who use well water may not have the same contaminants as the city water supply. But since EPCOR and other local utilities draw water from sources in the area, well water is likely to have similar content. Plus, there is no independent data to tell you precisely what you’re up against. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many homeowners prefer to have a water treatment system in their homes so they can rest assured every drop they drink is safe.

What Is Hard Water?

Water hardiness relates to the levels of dissolved magnesium and calcium in your water. Water with higher levels of these and other minerals is considered hard. The last time you washed your hands, you likely experienced its effects. 

Depending on your water’s hardness level, you may have noticed a filmy residue on your skin. This is because when soap reacts with your water’s calcium, you get soap scum. Therefore, more detergent is necessary to clean your hands, sinks, or laundry.

How Does Water Become Hard?

Your water gathers minerals from a variety of sources as it travels to your tap. This includes water that’s treated at your local treatment center unless you use well water. 

Microscopic minerals remain, or even if they’re removed, they can find their way into your water through your municipality or home’s aging water infrastructure.

What Are Some Disadvantages to Hard Water?

You may have seen the signs and dealt with hard water in your household for years and never knew what it was. You likely have hard water in your home if you see:

  • Spots on your silverware, glasses, and dishes
  • Mineral buildup on your indoor and outdoor faucet taps, showerheads, and sinks
  • Surface residue on your countertop, shower door, or sinks because the water’s minerals reduce your cleansers’ efficiency.
  • Mineral buildup in your pipes. Hard water is unkind to plumbing, and long exposure to its minerals can lead to corroded pipes, clogged drains, and decreased water quality.
  • Your appliances fail quicker and due to corrosion of their valves and pipes. Your clothing and linen may also become more and more dingy, discolored, and worn-looking after every time you wash.
  • As we mentioned, the calcium and other minerals in hard water react to your soaps and detergents. This means your cleaning supply costs will increase as you purchase more detergents to clean your clothes and stronger cleaning supplies to wash countertops.

Additionally, the minerals in your hard water coat your skin, depriving your skin of moisture. Your hard water’s mineral particles absorb natural oil in your skin and disrupt its pH balance. Additionally, your skin and hair can become dried out and break more easily from hard water. 

Should I Get a Water Softener or a Full Water Treatment System?

Whether you get a water softener or an entire water treatment system depends on your preferences:

Water Softener

A water softener will help reduce the mineral content of your water. This helps soften it, allowing your soap to foam up easier and rinse away thoroughly. Most of us have experienced Bullhead City’s hard water, and a water softener adds convenience and comfort to your home.

A water softener will give you longer-lasting appliances, safeguard your plumbing, and ensure your house is cleaner. 

A Water Treatment System

A water treatment system is a filtration or purification system that helps eliminate contaminants from your water. It improves water quality and protects you and your family’s health.

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between a water softener and a water treatment system. Instead, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution that will both soften and purify your water.

What Is the Process for Installing a Water Treatment/ Softener System?

Our job is to make it 100% hassle-free for you, the homeowner. You’ve got a busy life, and we make it easy to get the system you want installed and working perfectly.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We can help you choose the right system based on your household size, your budget, and what level of purification you want to achieve.
  • We will schedule your installation at a time that works for you, and you can be sure our plumbers are consistently on time.
  • If needed, we can remove your old system or make any changes to your plumbing as part of the installation.
  • In nearly every case, we will complete your installation in a single visit.

Best of all, we give you a comprehensive up-front estimate. We don’t believe you should be left in the dark wondering what your water treatment system will cost. Therefore, we make the entire process as cost-effective and transparent as possible.

Why You Should Choose Us

Choose the leading water treatment and softeners installation company in Bullhead City. We make selecting, installing, and owning a water treatment system easy. Here’s how:

  • We offer a variety of efficient, high-performance water softeners and water treatment systems
  • We do all-in-one installations that eliminate any hassle for the homeowner
  • We give you a comprehensive, up-front estimate
  • We back every installation with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your family deserves clean, safe, soft water in your home, and we can help. 

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