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Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a busted pipe, no plumbing repair is as easy as it first looks. And many can cause severe damages. When you’ve got a plumbing problem, you need it resolved fast by calling a certified plumber in Golden Valley.

You need a plumber you can count on. And Plumbing by Jake has many service awards, top customer reviews, and loyal customers who come back every time. Our seasoned experts offer 24/7 emergency service in Golden Valley, AZ, flat-rate estimates, and a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Top Rated Golden Valley Plumbing Service

We provide a comprehensive plumbing service that includes everything from emergency repairs to routine maintenance. We hire top plumbers and give accurate, on-time windows for our service calls. Our goal at every step is to make your plumbing fix as easy as possible for you.

Our services include:

Not sure if you need a Golden Valley plumber? We can provide answers and help you determine if you need an emergency visit.

What Should I Do if I Have a Plumbing Emergency?

Many emergency plumbing problems are messy, disruptive, and just plain awful to put up with. They’re usually situations where every minute counts. Part of what a professional does is arrive quickly, figure out the right fix, and stop your emergency before it causes more damage.

But there are steps you can take as the homeowner to reduce the damage as much as possible. Here are a few things to remember in a plumbing emergency:

Shut Off the Device

Almost every plumbing device has a shutoff. If water is coming out of an appliance, toilet, or fixture, shut it down. The shutoff looks like a small valve handle on a pipe or hose.

On sinks, it’s usually on the pipes underneath the sinks. Toilet shut-offs are typically on the back of the toilet. And appliances often have their shutoff valves on the hoses that connect to the rear of the appliance.

Shut Off the Water Main

You can shut off your water main. This cuts all water to the home, period. The shutoff valve is on the main pipe where water first enters the home, usually on the front or street-facing side of the home. It could also be in a garage or near the water heater.

Although basements are rare in Golden Valley, it’s almost certainly down there if you have one.

Don’t Flush a Clogged Toilet

Never flush an overflowing toilet. When a toilet is clogged, the first flush may fill the bowl or just spill over the side. But each additional flush ends up entirely on your floor—along with the contents of the toilet.

Instead, turn off the water to the toilet and wait for the level to go down to plunge. Or call a plumber ASAP.

Call a Golden Valley Plumber

Sewage backups are an emergency. If dirty water or sewage is coming out of drains or the toilet, this is NOT something you can quickly fix on your own, and it WILL get worse.

Call a plumber immediately. In the meantime, try to contain any overflow, block any vents it can seep into, and consider cutting power to the affected rooms. Never use drain cleaner chemicals on a sewage backup—it will only make your day worse.

These kinds of emergencies are why we offer a 24/7 fast-response service. Call our number any time, and you can be put in touch with our on-call team. They can coach you through the steps to take while they’re on the way.

How Much does a Plumbing Call Cost in Golden Valley?

This is the most important question for homeowners. Unfortunately, a lot of plumbers are awful at answering it. They may give vague answers, refuse to quote you an estimate, or offer “too good to be true” quotes, which will later get buried under surcharges and hidden fees.

These tactics stink worse than an overflowed toilet. That’s why we offer a simple pricing policy:

  • Once our plumber arrives, they will give you a flat-rate estimate
  • This estimate includes everything and comes with no hidden fees
  • We will always let you approve the estimate before we start any work
  • We believe this allows you to make a smart, informed decision—with no surprises when the invoice comes

You deserve a straight answer. Indeed, our plumbers in Golden Valley need to see a problem before they can give you an accurate estimate. But once they’re on the scene, they should be able to answer your questions and quote you a number.

Do I Really Need Professional Plumbing Services?

There are many home and plumbing maintenance issues you can fix on your own. However, if you’ve tried everything and still can’t fix a leak or a clog, it’s best to call professionals to help you. That way, you can get quality service done promptly instead of having to invest in tools and take time off your busy schedule to handle it.

If you don’t have extensive experience with plumbing repairs, trying to fix anything beyond your depth of knowledge can cause even further problems. The amount of money you can save by hiring a professional plumber to help you isn’t insignificant.

Don’t Let Plumbing Damages Linger

Something as small as a leaky pipe can cause moisture build-up in your home, leading to mold damages. That can cost you thousands of dollars in repair and removal. Not to mention, completely removing mold is a long and time-consuming process. If you have a plumbing problem in your home, don’t wait and let them continue to get worse.

Save Money and Avoid Repairs With Annual Maintenance

Not every plumbing job is a repair. Often, we get called in to perform annual maintenance on a home’s plumbing. Annual maintenance prevents leaks, saves water, and lowers your risk for sudden, costly plumbing emergencies. Our Golden Valley plumbing maintenance calls include:

  • Inspecting ALL plumbing systems in your home
  • Checking for signs of potential problems like blocked pipes or sewage backups
  • Adjusting your water appliances for maximum efficiency
  • Finding and repairing any leaks

Being proactive saves you money. Keep your plumbing and home maintenance costs down by getting your plumbing checked at least once a year.

Water Treatment and Water Softeners

Plumbers aren’t just needed for maintenance and repairs. They can also upgrade your systems. Water treatment can purify your tap water of chemicals and contaminants like heavy metals, and can also improve the taste.

Water softeners remove minerals from water that cause streaking on dishes, makes it hard to clean clothes and your body, and creates mineral deposits on your fixtures and in your appliances.

Plumbing by Jake can install and maintain water treatment systems and water softeners in your home so that you can enjoy drinking and using tap water without worry. These systems can also improve your home’s resale value!

What do Your Previous Customers Say About You?

Plenty, and much of it good! Sites like Home Advisor and Facebook have reviews from prior customers about our services. Plumbing professionals rely on an excellent reputation to stay in business, and we thank all of our customers who have left us a review.

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