man fills test tube with sink water for testing

You most likely use the water in your home for various tasks on a daily basis. When you’re using water for almost everything in your home, it’s important to know that it’s safe. With our free home water test for Kingman residents, you can be sure that your water is safe.

Our plumbers in Kingman are ready to solve your water problems. We’re dedicated to making your water supply healthier and more effective at getting what you need to be done. We arrive fast and can help you decide on the most sustainable solution.

What is a Home Water Test?

The free home water test that we perform looks for two things: water hardness and contaminants in your water. If you have hard water, it means that there is an excess of calcium and magnesium in your tap water. While hard water isn’t a health risk, it can cause other issues for your skin and hair, plumbing fixtures in your home, and household tasks like doing laundry.

A water test also looks for potential contaminants in your water that can harm your health. Our free home water test in your Kingman home can help you identify these contaminants so that they don’t have a chance to affect your health. The most common types of contaminants that we find in tap water supplies are:

Benefits of Testing Your Water in Your Home

There are many benefits and reasons you should test your water. Out of all the benefits, we’ve narrowed it down to the most important ones.

Identify Water Problems

A water test can help you determine if your water is hard and is the reason behind your skin being drier than usual, and it can help you identify contaminants in your water. By knowing the problems you have with your water, you can start to identify a solution with the help of a plumber in Kingman.

Monitor Effectiveness of Current Water Remedies

If you are currently using a water filter or a water softener, a Kingman free home water test can help you see how well they’re doing to keep your water clean. If you notice that there are still a lot of contaminants in your water despite having a filter, it’s time to get a new filter or softener.

Be Aware of Health Risks

Our free home water test can also help you take action against any potential health risks. If the results of your home water test show that there are contaminants in your water, based on the number of contaminants in your water, you can contact your doctor to see what actions you should take to protect yourself.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many other benefits to getting a home water test. One of our Kingman plumbers can inform you of the other benefits of getting your water tested.

What Are the Next Steps After a Home Water Test?

After you get the results of your home water test, the next step is to solve the issues that the water test found. One of our experienced plumbers can help suggest remedies for your water, whether it be a water softener or a different water treatment method.

By getting a water softener installed, you’ll be able to get rid of the side effects that come with hard water. You’ll be able to do the dishes with ease and not have to waste water trying to rinse off soap suds. Our plumbers are experienced and can help you get rid of your hard water.

If you find contaminants in your water, one of our friendly plumbers can help you develop a plan to filter out harmful substances. Our plumbers have a wealth of ideas on how to purify your water that fit into your budget.

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If you’re ready to learn about what’s in your home’s water supply and get effective solutions, we’re ready to help. Call us or schedule a service appointment to get your free home water test in Kingman, Arizona.