When was the last time you thought about your home’s plumbing system and its maintenance? Most property owners don’t do so, and that could mean problems later. We offer an annual maintenance plan to protect your home from a Peach Springs plumber near me. At Plumbing By Jake, our Peach Springs annual home plumbing maintenance plan alleviates your frustrations and gives you peace of mind (no one likes backups, after all!)

Why You Need an Annual Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Any type of system in your home needs maintenance, and without routine inspection and updates as needed, problems could develop. Many times, plumbing issues show very few signs that a problem is occurring until there’s a break, a burst line, or a backup. With our annual plumbing maintenance plan in Peach Springs, we take the frustration out of those unexpected accidents.

Our annual plumbing maintenance plan provides your home with the customized services it needs to keep plumbing systems working at their best. With the help of our plumbing team at Plumbing by Jake, your worries are relieved. Some of the services we offer as a component of this maintenance plan include:

  • Inspection of your water heater
  • Water pump, sump pump, and sewer pump inspection and maintenance
  • Bathroom faucets, toilets, and tub inspections
  • Showers and faucet inspections
  • Kitchen sinks and faucet maintenance, including removing and cleaning aerators
  • Expansion tank cleaning
  • Drains and vents
  • Water shut-off inspection
  • Water pressure tested
  • Water quality tested (if you decide to choose this upgraded service)

Numerous reasons exist for investing in a home plumbing maintenance plan in Peach Springs. If you have never thought about your plumbing lines, consider what runs through them every day. Whether it is clean water with minerals in it or dirty water going down the shower or drains, buildups happen quickly and often.

Without any type of maintenance or inspection of the system, you end up with numerous problems, including the risk of backups that cost you thousands of dollars in losses and days of messy cleanup. Most of the time, by investing in preventative services, we can reduce the risk of these complications occurring. That could save you time and money in the long term.

The age of your home, the type of plumbing systems in place, and the frequency of maintenance all determine when these types of problems will occur, so read our frequently asked questions to learn more. Yet, there are other benefits to investing in our Peach Springs annual home plumbing maintenance plan.

Reduced Water Usage

When you live in an area like Peach Springs, water usage matters, and it is probably something you think about all of the time. By properly maintaining your plumbing system and targeting even the smallest of leaks, you could save yourself thousands of gallons of water every year. Our maintenance plan will pinpoint any of the leak risks in your home and fix them for you.

Avoid Costly Emergencies

While the team at Plumbing by Jake is always willing to come out when you have an emergency plumbing need, you can expect us to do whatever we can to help you avoid the much higher costs of emergency plumbing. With routine maintenance, we can ensure the risk of a big problem occurring does not happen and leave you with a financial expense to pay you were not thinking about before. This is often one of the most expensive fixes for homeowners when they do happen.

Let Us Do the Work You Would Otherwise Need to Do

You could do these maintenance tasks yourself, but that means you will need to invest time into the process (and that could mean giving up your weekend) and potentially having to purchase equipment to help you do it. You can avoid all of those problems by letting our team handle the work for you instead. That keeps your time free and helps you avoid having to learn how to flush your hot water tank or clean the aerator in the kitchen faucet.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

The improvement of your home’s plumbing system could also help to improve your energy efficiency overall. For example, your hot water heater is running all of the time to keep water ready to go to ensure you have a hot shower, and that means a lot of energy. If it has not been maintained this year, you may be spending a lot of extra money to keep it going.

Let Us Offer Insight and Support to You for all of your Plumbing Needs

The goal of our Peach Springs annual home plumbing maintenance plan is to reduce the risk of damage and to minimize any type of repairs you need. Yet, all properties need some level of plumbing upgrades over time. With our maintenance plan, it’s likely we can extend that timeframe a bit longer and reduce your need for having to deal with costly bills.

However, while we provide you with maintenance and upkeep for your plumbing system, if we spot a problem that we cannot take care of within the plumbing maintenance plan, we will let you know about it. That way, we can work closely with you to minimize further risks and keep costs as low as possible. It’s often easier to plan for these types of repairs than to have to try to make up for it in an emergency repair.

Our team always provides honest service. We get the work done on time, and we never tell you to repair or upgrade your system unless it is the best thing for your home. You can depend on us to ensure outstanding service no matter what your needs are, so read our reviews today.

Call Our Plumbing Specialists for a Quote on a Maintenance Plan for Your Home

Contact Plumbing by Jake today to get the help you need to update your home’s maintenance system and maintain it for years to come. With our competitive pricing on our Peach Springs annual home plumbing maintenance plan, you can get the service you need at a competitive rate. Give us a call now to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.