What do you do when a toilet backs up, a leak gushes open, or a major plumbing system in your home simply stops working? All too many homeowners in Lake Havasu find themselves calling plumber after plumber, trying to find one who can get there quickly. At Plumbing By Jake, we make it easy: top rated plumbers who finish the job faster than many plumbers take to even show up.

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What Should I Do if I’m Having a Plumbing Emergency?

It’s important to act fast. While not every plumbing emergency is the same, many will get worse if not addressed quickly. And many can end up causing damage to your home, or creating a huge mess, if not dealt with.

Here are the five general steps we recommend in a plumbing emergency:

    1. Turn off the water if necessary. If anything is leaking, backing up, or in danger of overflowing, the single best step you can take is to shut off the water immediately. Usually, you will not have to shut off the water for the whole house, but it depends. Sinks and toilets typically have a shut-off valve you can use — look under the sink, or at the back of the toilet, and turn it until the water stops. (Showers/bathtubs also have this, but it may be located behind a service panel — which may be in a different room.)In other situations, such as a gushing pipe — or if you can’t find the shutoff quickly — go ahead and shut off the main water supply to your home. This will usually be located near the water heater, in the garage, or in the basement if you have on. In rare cases, it may be outside in a covered box near the street.
    2. Do not flush! When a plumbing emergency involves a toilet, our first instinct is to try to flush it down — but this can make matters much, much worse. If the toilet is simply clogged, you risk causing it to overflow. In the event of a sewage backup, you are adding even more water to a backed up situation and likely to spread the problem even farther in your home. You can try plunging if you want, but we don’t recommend flushing.
    3. Be careful. We often don’t think of the dangers involved in something as simple as water. But, especially during a stressful emergency, it’s time to use caution. That means: turn off electricity if any area is getting soaked or flooding; be careful of slipping in wet or flooded areas; and exercise caution if your emergency involves the water heater — that water can be dangerously hot.
    4. Contain any water. If there is flooding or a spreading puddle of water, you can often use towels to contain it. If there’s a leak, get a bucket under it. And in either case, shut any heat/AC vents on floor level, and block them with towels, to prevent water from entering the ducts.
    5. Call a 24-hour emergency plumber. Plumbing emergencies are situations where every hour matters. Our experienced emergency plumbers can get to you FAST and get the situation under control with the least mess and hassle possible. We can also help you decide over the phone if your problem is an emergency or one where it’s safe to wait if you prefer.


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