Can my Arizona plumbing help conserve water?


In the desert summer, your utility bills can shoot through the roof. Leaks and other excessive water consumption can increase your usage and run up your bill.

Ways to Conserve Water in Kingman, Arizona


1. Fix all plumbing leaks. This includes those pesky drips from your outdoor faucet or fixing a toilet that continues to run long after you’ve left the room. Watching for leaks should be a regular part of your home upkeep.

2. Consider dual flush toilets for your home. We install a lot of these units and they are very practical and pay for themselves over time. If you haven’t seen one, a dual flush toilet has two handles. One lets you flush for – “number one” – and you can guess the purpose of the second handle. The purpose of the dual flush toilet is to use less water.

3. Lessen your shower time. Try to make the shower more utilitarian and functional instead of spa-like. Even five minutes under the nozzle can use 20 gallons of water.

4. Avoid the bathtub. Did you know a full-on bubble bath could take a full 70 gallons of water? You’re going to pay big money for all those bubbles!

5. Run the dishwasher when it is full. If you have a newer machine, you can select the light water feature to help conserve. If you’re washing dishes by hand, fill up the sink with soapy water – don’t let the tap run as you scrub.

6. Run the washing machine when it is full. See #5. Most washers let you adjust the height of water to fit the size of your laundry load.

7. Stop running water when you don’t use it. For example, don’t let it run while you brush your teeth. Also, don’t let it run through the tap to get cold. Instead, fill up a water bottle and stick it in the fridge.

The Arizona Water Company says you can save up to 5,000 gallons of water each month just by repairing any water leaks. Our technicians are trained to spot water leaks at their source before they evolve into a much bigger issue. Here are some of the more common leaks we fix:

· Washing machines

· Water softeners

· Garbage disposals

· Evaporative cooling units

· Kitchen sinks and the piping under them

· Toilet tanks and the plumbing under them

· Ice machines

· Sprinklers

· Garden hose faucet

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