Dishwasher troubleshooting


If your dishwasher isn’t functioning properly, you’ll notice dishes aren’t getting cleaned, it may spring a leak, or, it just may start to sound like a Mack truck on the highway. Most modern dishwashers make humming and swishing noises, but a loud cycle can actually signal a problem. In these instances, it might be time to call for help from a professional plumber.

If your dishwasher is uncommonly loud, we have some tips that may help if function more efficiently.

Dishwasher Efficiency Tips


· Excess food debris on your dishes can make your unit work a lot harder. The food can even clog the internal structures of the dishwasher, which could cause the machine to grind excessively.

· Dish rails are misaligned, which can easily happen with daily use. We recommend looking at the racks closely to see if they’re rolling straight on the rails. Check the side fasteners; if they’re loose, they will rattle and clank.

· If your dishwasher leans toward you when you open the door, you probably need to anchor it to the counter, wall, or cabinet. Over the years, it’s possible for a dishwasher to come untethered from its fasteners. If it starts to thump when you run a load, it’s similar your washer coming unbalanced.

· Dishwasher motor is squealing. This signals that the dishwasher motor needs replaced, or the entire unit has reached the end of its lifecycle. Brand new units will squeal for a few cycles, but on an older dishwasher, this isn’t a good sign. Food can actually be lodged in the motor, which could cause it to eventually burn out completely.

· Banging noises coming from your dishwasher either mean you’ve trapped a small child inside, or, more commonly, the water flow is disrupted to your unit. This could cause an abrupt ebb and flow of the water pressure that will sound a lot like someone banging to get out.

For these and any other dishwasher problems, it is always best to consult a professional plumber. That’s because dishwashers have a lot of precision instrumentation inside that aren’t very friendly for the do-it-yourselfer. If your dishwasher is more than eight years old, it’s probably time to replace the unit. New dishwashers are Energy Star certified for water conservation and energy efficiency.

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