Top 10 Residential Plumbing Problems In Arizona


You know Plumbing By Jake is the leading residential furnace and air conditioning service provider in the area. But did you know we’ve also been providing expert plumbing repair for more than a decade?

We’ve seen a lot – and could tell you stories about what can happen when your home’s plumbing isn’t functioning. Over the years, we’ve realized there are some plumbing problems that crop up regularly with our residential customers.

Top Plumbing issues

Plumbing is a household system that you don’t think about – until it stops working.  Here are our top ten “Common” issues that happen with residential plumbing.

  • Leaking pipes
    Leaking pipes can be in a crawlspace, ceiling, or wall where you don’t see the damage until it becomes excessive. Watch for spikes in your water bill to determine if you’re about to fall victim to a more serious problem.
  • Washing machine hose breaks
    According to Insurance Journal more than half of water damage claims come from washer machine hoses that break. The average claim costs more than $6,000 per incident.
  • No hot water
    Often the first sign that there’s a problem with your water heater is when you turn on the shower and have the shock of a face full of cold water.
  • Clogged drains
    Are very common. We’ve dealt with everything from excessive hair clogs to toddlers who like to stuff things down the sink. The kitchen sink is the most used – and clogged — drain in the entire house.
  • Dripping faucets
    The EPA designated March 20 through 26, 2017 as “Fix a Leak Week” and they say homeowners can lose as much at 10,000 gallons of water from one just one plumbing leak each year.
  • Running toilets
    It can get expensive if your toilet won’t stop filling after you’ve flushed. If you hear a low humming or the sound of water, then Houston, we probably have a problem.
  • Broken garbage disposals
    This can be a real mess if leftover foods aren’t being broken down. Always make sure you run plenty of water to flush out the disposal. If it starts to smell, sometimes old school solutions are best. Try quartering a lemon, then grinding it up. It really helps!
  • Faucet foul up
    You’ve seen water shooting straight out of the faucet in the movies? We’re here to tell you it happens in real life. While homeowners replace faucets as part of a cosmetic remodel, if the faucet is leaking or the handle isn’t functioning, don’t wait for the geyser to happen – call us.
  • Water tank leak
    An aging water heater can be dangerous. Every water tank can fail, either through a slow leak or a big gush. It’s that big gush that can damage everything around the tank. The water that floods out immediately can destroy a basement fast, not to mention the fact that a continuous stream of water will flow into the tank until you shut off the water.
  • Under the sink leaks
    We often see sink links, particularly in older plastic PVC. When the storage area usually under your bathroom or kitchen sink gets stuffed with cleaning solvents, it’s easy to miss small leaks.


If any of these problems occur – don’t worry, you’re not alone. Call the residential plumbing experts at Plumbing By Jake today!