What are the most common plumbing problems?


Plumbing is one of those vital systems in your home that you pretty much forget about until something goes wrong. Consider plumbing like your home’s circulatory system. Water is a precious resource, especially in the desert, so making sure your plumbing is functioning right is imperative to the overall health of your home.

Top Eight Plumbing Problems


1. By far, one of the most common and easy to fix problems that any homeowner can have is a leaky faucet. A simple leak can end up costing you quite a bit on your next water bill. Typically we see people let the drip go – until they get their next water bill.

2. The next problem we see is a constantly running toilet. It’s another one of those small home problems that can cost you big bucks, but we often put off fixing it. A running toilet doesn’t usually cost big bucks to repair, but if you ignore it, it will cost you by increasing your water usage.

3. Leaking pipes can spell big problems for you and your family. Imagine a big water ring on your living room ceiling. Watch for small leaks that can get big fast because dripping pipes can lead to big home damage.

4. Low water pressure can be the first sign that your hot water tank is about to go on the fritz. Or, you could have a hidden leak somewhere. If you notice your shower isn’t nearly as satisfying as it normally is, contact us. So, let’s talk about that water heater for a second. While cool showers in Arizona are sometimes nice, they can be an unexpected first thing in the morning! If you turn on the shower only to get a face full of cold water, that’s probably your water heater deciding to take an extended vacation. The average life of a hot water tank is about eight to 12 years. While the installation itself isn’t too bad, buying a new hot water tank can be expensive.

5. This may only matter during monsoons, but a sump pump failure can be an issue – even in Arizona. Spring rains with nowhere to go can mean a big problem in your home.

6. A slow or clogged drain. We typically tell people to not use some of the harsh over-the-counter chemicals, as they can actually damage the pipes.

7. A leaking hose bib is almost a standard feature for outdoor gardeners and can be an easily missed cause of water leaking.

Plumbing Fixed Right – Plumbing By Jake


We can fix all these problems – and more. We have affordable rates and the same fast, customer-focused service we have for your furnace and air conditioner. Contact us – we can help.