What is the Best Way to Conserve Water During a Shower?

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What is the Best Way to Conserve Water During a Shower?

Did you know that the type of shower head installed in your bathtub or shower can impact water usage?  Ever wonder what are the best types of shower fixtures to help reduce water waste? Picking the right product can be difficult, especially when trying to decide between water pressure comfort and water conservation. Don’t worry, we’ll explain the different types of fixtures available as well as their advantages and disadvantages to help you pick the right shower head to conserve water and create a perfect shower oasis.

Fixtures That Help with Water Conservation

The right fixtures prevent water waste during showers but still providing amble pressure and comfort. Installing an efficient shower head can result in significant savings each year. Not only are you conserving water which helps the planet, but you’re also keeping more money in your bank account by avoiding expensive water bills.

What can you do to reduce water usage?

  • Purchase a low-flow water-saving model. These fixtures can save up to 1-2 gallons of water per minute. That means that you’re wasting less water every time you or a family member shower. If you have several people living in the home, it could amount to significant savings in both water and money.
  • Install a water flow restrictor. This option attaches behind the shower head to the shaft that connects to the wall. It helps restrict how much water always comes out of the fixture.
  • Reduce shower time. Everyone loves a long hot shower, but every minute water is pouring down the drain your using an average of at least 2 gallons of water depending on the shower head you use. Keep shower time to a minimum to help reduce water waste.

Installing a New Shower Head

There are many shower heads on the market. Be sure to choose a low-flow water-saving model and check reviews to get feedback from customers on ease of installation and comfort. If you’re not sure how to install your new shower head, or just don’t have time call a professional plumbing company. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that it has been done correctly and that the work has been guaranteed. Be sure to ask your plumber about other water conservation options to reduce water usage in your home.

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