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One of the most common types of piping used in residential and commercial plumbing systems is PVC. They are highly durable and long-lasting, allowing most property owners not to have to think about them often. While they can suffer damage over time, there are situations where PVC pipes will need to be changed out.

So, how long do PVC pipes last in Arizona? What should you know about repairing and replacing them?

Plumbing by Jake provides clients with a wide range of services, including replacing damaged PVC pipes and systems. If you suspect that you may need to replace the PVC pipes in your home, give us a call to discuss your options.

What to Know About PVC Piping

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a common type of plastic-like material designed specifically for plumbing systems. Older PVC piping typically lasts 25 to 40 years. However, new piping solutions have improved over time, and new PVC piping can last 70 years or longer.

PVC piping is the ideal option for most environments because it is affordable yet durable. While metal piping will last longer, it is not readily used because of the high cost. PVC pipes, on the other hand, offer a number of benefits:

  • They do not corrode over time like metal.
  • They are less expensive to purchase, install, and replace.
  • They can handle most types of uses with good reliability.
  • They do not rust over time, which means they do not leach metal into your drinking water.
  • They can be designed to fit just about any space or need.

Over time, they can begin to fail, though, and that requires repair or replacement.

Signs You Need to Replace Your PVC Pipes

If you have a backup in your lines or there is a significant leak, it may be necessary to remove the pipes and replace them with new ones. The best way to know if this needs to be done is to speak to your plumber. A full inspection will determine what the next step is. 

Some of the most common signs that you may need to replace your PVC pipes include:

  • Changes in the color of the water coming from any faucet. If you have dirty water in your shower, sinks, or any other area where you would expect clean, clear water, something is getting into the lines at some point. This is often the result of a leak.
  • Obvious breakage can also be a concern. If you have a pipe that has been damaged in any way, it may become necessary to replace it. For example, if the line has a crack in it, that break is always going to create a weakness that is hard or impossible to repair.
  • Numerous leaks have occurred over time. As these pipes wear down, there is an increased risk of needing to replace the pipe. Leaks are never a good thing, but if they do not occur near the seams, that could be a problem that indicates damage to the line in another area.

PVC pipes are durable, but they can be impacted in many ways. For example, it is not uncommon for tree roots to grow into them, breaking the pipes down as the roots try to make their way toward water. In other cases, a digging accident can cause damage to underground pipes.

Do not put off getting your plumbing lines repaired if you suspect a problem exists. Putting off the problem can lead to worsening damage, and in some cases, this can infiltrate into your home’s foundation or cause damage to other structures nearby.

How Will a Plumber Diagnosis What Is Happening with Your Lines?

There are many ways that a plumber can help you to determine what is occurring. When you call, the first step will be to have an inspection done to determine what is occurring. Often, a leak may be due to a backup in the lines that need to be flushed. 

This can help clear away any type of tree root that may have infiltrated your plumbing. This is a less expensive and laborious method than digging up and removing the lines. However, when other solutions are not enough or not effective, your plumber will investigate alternative solutions, including removing or replacing PVC pipe, if necessary. 

If you have damage to internal PVC lines, such as those that carry water throughout your home, it is far easier to replace them. This is often the first step your plumber will take when there is exterior damage. However, when the pipes run under the foundation or flooring in your home, your plumbing professional will try other treatments before replacing the pipes.

Should You Call for Emergency Plumbing Help?

In any situation where there is significant damage to the plumbing system, you should call our plumbing team out for emergency service. This includes any situation where there is substantial leaking or backups. 

Some homeowners try to save money by attempting fixes on their own. However, this can make things worse. Avoid pouring anything down the drains if your drain lines are damaged. If you have water leaking from a clean line, try to shut off the water line and do not use it until you can have it inspected and repaired.

If you do not have a source of clean water, that is also a good reason to call us for emergency plumbing services. Do not use water that is coming through the lines that are discolored or could be from a broken line, as it could be contaminated. Instead, give us a call first and let us investigate what is happening.

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How long do PVC pipes last in Arizona? It could be decades before you need to think about removing and replacing these lines, no matter if they carry clean or dirty water. At Plumbing by Jake, our team is here to help. 

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