How to Choose a Heat Pump Water Heater

Nearly 20% of the average household’s energy usage is for the water heater, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The only item in your home that uses more energy is a space heater.

Heat pump water heaters are electric water heaters that use at least 60% less energy than a traditional electric water heater. The team at Plumbing by Jake has extensive experience with helping our customers choose and install just the right water heater. Call (888) 628-5890 and can answer your questions about this relatively new technology.

Heat Pump Water Heaters Are More Efficient

About 40% of homes use electric water heaters. If yours is one of them and it’s time to consider a new water heater, you can take advantage of significantly increased efficiency with a heat pump water heater. Instead of creating their own heat like a conventional water heater, these water heaters utilize electricity to move heat from one area to another.

Heat pump water heaters are up to three times more efficient than a traditional water heater, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Sometimes referred to as hybrid water heaters, heat pump water heaters can automatically switch to generating traditional electric heat. Most models have innovative control panels that allow you to use a variety of settings to save even more energy or to increase hot water during high usage times.

Why You Might Want a Heat Pump Water Heater

The average lifespan of a traditional water heater is between 8 and 12 years. If your water heater is on its last legs and you’re doing your research about new options, a heat pump water heater should be on your radar.

While it is most common for homeowners with standard electric water heaters to consider upgrading to a heat pump water heater, it is also possible to make the change from a gas water heater to a heat pump water heater.

The average annual cost for a standard tank electric water heater is more than $600 per year. For a standard tank gas water heater, it’s more than $300 per year.

The average annual cost to operate a heat pump water heater is between $100 and $200 per year. That can add up to quite an energy savings! In fact, when you look at the tremendous energy savings, these water heaters frequently pay for themselves in two to three years.

Additionally, these water heaters have an average lifespan of around 13 to 15 years. Not only do they cost significantly less to operate, but they also last a lot longer than a traditional gas or electric water heater as well.

What to Consider When Choosing a Heat Pump Water Heater

When looking into a heat pump water heater, a big consideration for many homeowners is the amount of money they’ll save on energy bills every year. Another source of savings to look at are potential utility rebates and tax credits available. Your Plumbing by Jake specialist can share more specific information about the incentives available to you through applicable federal, state, and even local programs.

Other items to examine include:

Size of Your Home and Amount of Water Used

Do a brief assessment of your family’s water usage patterns to find your high demand times for hot water. For example, if you have several bathrooms and multiple people shower at the same time or right after each other in the morning. Or, if bathtime for the kids is at the same time you’re typically running your dishwasher.

Using this information, your Plumbing by Jake technician will be able to suggest the ideally sized heat pump water heater. Most brands offer choices of 50, 66, or 80-gallon capacity. We will also take into account the “first-hour rating.” This is the number of gallons of heated water a heat pump water heater can distribute during the first hour of use.

Space Available for the Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump water heater is usually larger than a traditional water heater, so it may require more space if you’re upgrading from a conventional model. The space you have available, whether you’re switching from a gas water heater to an electric heat pump water heater, and where you’re installing the water heater can all affect whether you will need plumbing or minor space modifications.

Additionally, heat pump water heaters can generate about as much muted noise as an average modern dishwasher, so most homeowners prefer to install them away from main living or sleeping areas.

Location of the Heat Pump Water Heater

Prime locations for heat pump water heaters include larger unheated spaces such as garages to ensure enough air can circulate efficiently.


Most traditional water heaters have a six-year warranty. Many heat pump water heaters have lifetime warranties on the stainless steel tanks.

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