Some homes have what’s called a slab foundation. Houses with basements often have them. The weight of the house rests on a solid sheet of concrete. This is great for stability, but it also creates the opportunity for slab leaks.

A slab leak happens when the plumbing underneath the slab starts leaking water. Over time, this can crack the slab foundation. Repairing a slab leak can be expensive, but it’s much less expensive and disruptive than replacing your slab foundation. If you have any of these signs, contact Plumbing By Jake for an inspection.

Water Bill Goes Way Up

Any time your water bill suddenly goes up with no change in your daily water usage, chances are you have a leak somewhere in your home. It could be a slab leak, a leak in your walls, or even one outside at the meter.

If there is no visible sign that something is leaking, you need to hire a plumber to find the source right away before the leak causes major damage to your home and property. Plumbing By Jake is available 24/7 to inspect your home’s plumbing for hidden leaks.

Damp Flooring

Any time your flooring is damp or warping for an unknown reason, that’s a serious sign of water damage coming from somewhere. By the time this happens, any leak has been happening for a long time.

If there are no fixtures or appliances in the damp area, then it’s probably a water leak. If you have a slab foundation, a professional will have to break into the slab to replace the pipe and see how far the water damage has spread. You may need to get new flooring installed to avoid creating a mold problem in your house.

Unusual Warm or Cold Spots on the Floor

An early sign of a water leak underneath your slab foundation is unusual temperature changes. The temperature of the concrete will change where the leak is happening. Hot water pipes have a shorter lifespan, so it’s more likely you’ll feel an unusual warm spot.

Touch your slab in different parts and see if you can detect a temperature change. If you can, it’s time to call a professional for an inspection. If you can catch the leak before it starts damaging your flooring, you can save a lot of money on your repair.

Hearing Water Running Where There Are No Fixtures

Most homeowners are familiar with the sound of a toilet running. This happens when the seal on the tank isn’t fitting properly, and the tank keeps trying to fill from the slow leak. Sometimes you can hear a similar sound where there are no fixtures.

If you hear this sound and you’re on the ground level of your home away from plumbing, try to locate where the sound is coming from, then check your floor for other signs of a slab leak. If there is a leak, then the sound should be constant.

Water Pressure Problems

Another sure sign of a leak somewhere in your plumbing is a water pressure problem. This problem can be hard to detect because most leaks happen slowly. As the break in the pipe grows, the pressure will continue to drop.

If you notice your showers aren’t as forceful or it’s taking longer to fill your sink or water glass, you may have a slow leak somewhere. If it’s under your slab, you’ll want to get it taken care of as soon as possible before it gets worse.

Mold and Mildew

Do you smell mold or mildew where you haven’t before in your home? That’s a sign that water is leaking somewhere. Mold and mildew need a supply of water to grow in your home. If you can smell it, that means there’s water leaking somewhere.

It may be from your pipes, but it can also be from an appliance or from a roof leak. Plumbing By Jake can help you narrow down the problem and, should it be plumbing-related, fix the issue no matter where it is in your home.

Don’t ignore mold and mildew smells! These reduce the air quality of your home and can make your family sick if they grow too much. Also, if the infestation grows too large, you might have to pay for a mold remediation specialist to make your home safe again.

Not Every Plumber Can Handle Slab Leaks

When you have a slab leak, you need a plumber that has the equipment and the knowledge to handle them. Fixing a slab leak isn’t something every plumber can do because it involves both plumbing and knowledge of slab foundations.

A plumber who tries to fix a slab leak without this knowledge could cause more harm than good. Your pipe might be fixed, but your foundation could be weaker than it was. There are also situations where breaking your slab isn’t appropriate and the pipes need a full re-routing and replacement.

Plumbing By Jake has the tools and the knowledge to repair these complicated leaks. We can refer you to past customers who’ve had repaired slab leaks. Plus, all of our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured. If something goes wrong, we can make it right.

Call Plumbing By Jake to Repair Your Slab Leak

Fixing a slab leak is not a DIY repair. You need professional services. The team to call is Plumbing by Jake, the plumbing experts in Kingman, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, and surrounding areas.

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