Why Won't My Toilet Tank Fill with Water After Flushing

It’s a common problem. You notice the water in your toilet tank won’t stop running, so you lift the top and take a peek inside. That’s when you see the toilet tank won’t fill with water after the toilet is flushed.

That’s where Plumbing by Jake comes in. Give us a call at (888) 628-5890 and we’ll come out to investigate, tell you the cause of your problem, and get it fixed quickly and properly. Even though our plumbers are highly experienced, we’re not able to pinpoint the issue without taking a look at your toilet. The issue could be one of several, or multiple issues together.

How the Water Inside the Toilet Tank Works

The toilet tank is the rectangular part of your toilet with the flush handle and the heavy top that lifts off. And it requires the correct amount of water to operate properly.

Each time the toilet is flushed, the tank must fill up with water in order to get rid of waste the next time the flush handle is pushed or pulled. There is also an overflow tube inside your toilet tank to ensure there is never too much water in the tank.

After a flush, the typical toilet takes between 10 and 15 seconds to refill and stop running. This gives the toilet time to refill the water in the tank to just below the overflow tube.

Common Causes of Low or No Water in a Toilet Tank

If there is no water in your toilet tank at all, check the shutoff valve to make sure it is open all the way. The shutoff valve is located against the wall behind your toilet and has a flexible water pipe connecting it to the toilet.

If the valve is fully open and there is no water in your toilet tank or the water level is too low, there are several potential causes.

The Toilet Float

Some toilets have a floating ball, others have a float cup. Connected to the valve that fills your toilet, the float helps control the opening and closing of that valve. If the toilet float is positioned wrong and is set too high, too much water will fill the tank and go into the toilet bowl through the overflow tube.

However, if the toilet float is set too low, the level of water in the tank will be too low as well. The toilet float may need to be repositioned.

The Fill Valve

The toilet fill valve controls the water coming into the toilet tank and assists with refilling the tank after a flush. The fill valve may need to be raised to allow more water to flow into the toilet tank.

The fill valve could also be worn and the seal is breaking down. In this case, the fill valve would need to be replaced.

The Toilet Flapper

Broken or worn flappers are commonly the culprit of toilet issues, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If the flapper is not operating properly or if the seal is not tight, it can allow small water leaks into the toilet bowl.

The longer the toilet flapper is left to wear down, the bigger the leak and the more frequent it cycles through filling and draining without flushing and not allowing the toilet tank to fully fill. If the toilet flapper is to blame, it’s likely the part will need to be replaced.

The Toilet Trip Assembly

The trip assembly connects the flush lever to the tank. Proper flushing and tank filling can be disrupted when the trip assembly is worn or damaged. It could also be knocking against the lid of the toilet tank. The trip assembly may need to be adjusted or replaced.

The Toilet Overflow Tube

When you look inside your toilet tank, you’ll see a long tube that removes extra water when it comes close to overflowing.

If this tube is damaged, it may run water into the toilet bowl constantly and cause issues with the toilet tank or toilet bowl filling properly. The overflow tube may need to be replaced.

Water Pressure

If the water pressure leading to your toilet is too low, the water supply line may be blocked. If there are other areas of your house suffering from low water pressure (sinks and showers, for example), the problem is likely not with the toilet itself. Your Plumbing by Jake professional can help you determine the cause and get your water pressure back to normal.

Schedule Your Appointment Today and Get Your Toilet Tank Back to Normal

Leaky and improperly running toilets can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. If your toilet tank is not filling with water after flushing, you know something isn’t right. Not only are you wasting water, but you’re paying for it as well. Call Plumbing by Jake at (888) 628-5890 and we can ensure your toilet tank properly fills with water to save you water and money.