gutter broken and pipe frozen by snow

At Plumbing by Jake, our team of technicians and licensed professionals can help you with many of the needs you have to maintain your home or business’s plumbing service. With Fort Mohave frozen pipes prevention and repair services, we can consistently offer our clients peace of mind by helping them to reduce the risk of burst pipes during the coldest part of the year. Though our area is not always prone to these risks, when temperatures drop, especially overnight, if you have not put in place prevention strategies, you could have a significant mess to clean up with the help of a Fort Mohave plumber near me.

Are Your Pipes at Risk for Bursting?

Water is a powerful substance, especially when it freezes, since it can rapidly expand and, as it does, it puts significant pressure on the walls of the pipes it is in. That means that, as water increases in size, there is a growing risk that the pipes will not be able to maintain the pressure and volume and, ultimately, they will burst. Typically, this occurs when pipes have water or moisture in them that is not moving, but it can happen on any cold night of the year.

There are some situations that make it more likely that your pipes burst like this when temperatures drop, including if the temperature in the immediate area of the lines drops to below freezing, such as in the crawl space under your home or in your basement. In addition to this, if there is a significant buildup of grease and debris lurking on the interior surface of your pipes, that can also freeze and follow the same path of creating too much pressure and leading to a burst pipe. You may also have pipes and drain lines that are very old and have corroded over time, making them more susceptible to damage quickly.

Your pipes may be more at risk if you have older pipes and lines, limited maintenance, or a lack of insulation surrounding those lines. You may benefit from help if you invest in a trusted and experienced plumber, like our team at Plumbing by Jake, to come to your home or business to provide a plumbing inspection. This will allow us to pinpoint any risks that could make it more likely that your home will suffer burst pipes at some point.

The Services We Offer to Help Prevent Burst Frozen Pipes

At Plumbing by Jake, we can offer a wide range of strategies to help minimize the risk of plumbing problems like this. Our goal is generally to make sure your pipes, including water lines running into the home, water lines running throughout the structure, and drains leading away, are clean and well-maintained. A full inspection can help us find problem areas while also helping us detect any leaks that should be taken care of before the cold weather sets in.

Our Fort Mohave frozen pipes prevention services may also include the placement of insulative wraps around the key, exposed, and at-risk lines. These wraps work to insulate the water moving through the lines (which can also work on heated water lines to improve efficiency). This is one way to help prevent the onset of water freezing in the lines since it can minimize the temperature drop significantly.

We may also recommend that you have your lines flushed, which is something to consider doing on a routine basis every other year anyway. This process uses high-powered jets of water to flush away any buildup that develops on the interior walls of your pipes, debris that becomes so caked on that it can slow the movement of water through the lines over time or freeze when temperatures fall. With our service, we can clean that material out so there is less risk of burst pipes occurring.

What to Do After Your Frozen Pipes Burst

The second level of service we offer for Fort Mohave is pipe repair services because sometimes you do not know there is a risk of burst pipes until it happens to you. At Plumbing by Jake, we offer emergency plumbing repair services and can be there right away to help you after this occurs. We are available 24 hours a day, which means we can help even in the middle of the night when a pipe bursts.

Our team will come to your home to stop the water from further leaking and exposure and help you determine the necessary flood control and cleanup on your home. When you are ready for our team to do so, we will come to you to handle rebuilding your pipes, replacing all damaged pipes in your home from bursting. Often, this is done quickly so there is no delay in getting you back into your home after a significant concern.

While we are there, we may recommend a full inspection of any other pipes or sewer lines that may also be at risk for the same type of bursting occurring. This way, we may be able to help you prevent the same type of problem happening to weakened, leaking, or otherwise damaged and old pipes in other areas of your home. Our team is trustworthy, and we would not make recommendations to you for any type of repair or upgrade to your home’s plumbing system if there was no real reason to do so that would benefit your home.

For Full Fort Mohave Plumbing Service, Call Plumbing by Jake for Help

When you need Fort Mohave frozen pipe prevention and repair services right away, our 24-hour repair service is readily available to you and can help you get your lines protected and repaired in no time. Our team is also readily available to help you with any repair, plumbing maintenance, and upgrades you need to avoid future problems or to modernize your home. To get started, call us now to get either a 24-hour emergency service or to book an appointment for repair and prevention needs.