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Most of Arizona’s water comes from groundwater sources and the Colorado River, which is why the Golden Valley area is notorious for hard water. And though the community’s groundwater has been deemed safe per federal standards, many residents still worry about impurities getting into their drinking water.

That’s why so many Golden Valley residents prefer to have a water treatment and water softener installed in their homes. At Plumbing by Jake, we feel you are entitled to safe, soft, contaminant-free water in your home. We provide five-star service with affordable water softener options. And we back all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do I Need a Water Treatment System in Golden Valley?

Golden Valley’s tap water is expected to pass the federal government’s safety standards. However, there have been multiple violations of those standards since 2014. In addition, some contaminants have been found in concentrations higher than what’s allowed by safety guidelines. 

Many residents in Golden Valley prefer to be safe than sorry — especially given the type of contaminants most common in their tap water.

While the same chemicals found in the water can vary from home to home, the most common ones in our part of Arizona include:

  • Arsenic, a deadly poison that causes thousands of cancer cases every year in the U.S., many of which are fatal.
  • TTHMs, a group of chemicals that form when disinfectants or chlorine get into the water. TTHMs are also known to cause cancer.
  • Other carcinogens such as strontium, chromium, and contamination from radiological particles.
  • Hormones, the result of human waste or agricultural waste getting into the water. These can cause a variety of health issues in humans. Unfortunately, conventional water treatment does not get them out of drinking water, although our treatment systems can.

You can look up your home by zip code on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website to see which contaminants have been confirmed in your tap water.

We offer cutting-edge water treatment systems capable of removing chemicals, germs, and organic compounds, and we can recommend a plan that will meet your needs.

Do I Need a Water Softener System in Golden Valley?

It’s a personal choice. The easiest way to answer is to go to your faucet, soap up your hands, and rinse them off. Was it easy? If so, no problem. But if it took a long time to rinse them, or you didn’t get that much of a lather, you’d probably benefit from water softening.

We offer water softeners that:

  • Are cost-effective and last for many years.
  • Are entirely compatible with our water purification/treatment systems.
  • Allow you to keep the same level of water pressure you’re used to.
  • Do NOT leave your water with a bad taste.

Our Golden Valley water treatment and softener installation experts can offer a standalone water softener or an integrated softener/filtration system.

Defining Hard Water

Water hardness measures the amount of calcium and dissolved magnesium in your water. Your water is considered hard if it has higher amounts of these and other minerals. For example, you probably experienced hard water effects when you washed your hands.

If your water contains many minerals, you may have experienced a filmy residue on your skin. This happens due to the reaction of your water’s calcium with soap; it causes soap scum. This means that you will need to use excess soap to get your laundry, sinks, or hands clean.

What Causes Hard Water?

As groundwater travels through aquifers and pipes to your tap, it collects minerals from various sources along the way. Unless your home gets its water from a well, it could also mean your local treatment center.

Even if minerals are removed, microscopic particles can get back into your water through your home or municipality’s aging water infrastructure.

Issues Caused By Hard Water

You may have encountered signs and struggled for years with hard water issues in your household and were unsure what it was. Your home likely has hard water if you notice:

  • Your appliances malfunction faster due to their pipes and valves corroding. 
  • Dingy, worn-looking, or discolored clothes after each time you do laundry.
  • A buildup of minerals in your pipes. Hard water is damaging to your plumbing, and long exposures to mineral deposits can cause clogged drains, poor water quality, and corroded pipes.
  • The water’s minerals reduce your cleanser’s efficiency leading to excess surface residue on your sinks, shower door, or countertops. 
  • Your cleaning supply costs are going up. Because hard water minerals like calcium react to your detergents and soaps, you will likely need to purchase more products to launder your clothes and clean your countertops.
  • That your glasses, dishes, and silverware have spots on them.
  • Chalky mineral buildup on your outdoor or indoor sinks, taps, fixtures, and showerheads.

Hard water issues like these might make you consider getting in touch with water treatment and softener installers in Golden Valley.

What Sets Plumbing By Jake Apart From Other Water Treatment Installers?

Some companies view their customers as nothing more than a job to do. With Plumbing by Jake, we do things differently; we focus on service. We believe that by providing helpful, friendly five-star service, we do more than just get the job done. We make our customers’ lives easier. 

When you call us, you’ll be able to speak to a live person who can answer questions, make recommendations, and get you the service you need at a time that works for you. And when our plumbers arrive at your home, you’ll receive a hassle-free experience.

We arrive on time, we do the job right, and we’re helpful and approachable at all times.

Here’s what else you get with us:

  • Choose from some of the most effective, long-lasting water treatment systems and water softeners available
  • We provide a comprehensive installation that makes the entire experience hassle-free for you
  • We always provide an up-front estimate with NO hidden costs
  • We back our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – no exceptions

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You can’t afford to take risks with your family’s water. So, let us install your water treatment and water softener, and you’ll immediately notice the difference a good system can make on your water. 

Golden Valley homeowners should get the clean, usable water they deserve. We are one of the leading water treatment and softener installation companies in Golden Valley. 

For over a decade, we’ve offered cost-effective, high-performance options with comprehensive installation and a proven record of five-star service. Plus, we back every project with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So, call Plumbing by Jake or contact us online and speak with one of our service experts today.