What Is In My Tap Water?

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What Is In My Tap Water?

You should know what’s in the water you consume every day.

Since the year 2000, there hasn’t been a SINGLE contaminant added to the list of regulated chemicals under the Safe Drinking Water Act. To make matters worse, the standards used to determine whether or not a chemical harmfully effects a water source haven’t been updated since 1974!

And in the US today, while 85 percent of the water flowing into the population may contain up to 316 contaminants, 60 percent of these channels are unregulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What Could I Be Drinking?

Even though most people have access to some form of filtered drinking water in their homes, there are certainly going to be a few instances throughout the day that require you to consume tap water; this could be by drinking it, cooking with it, or using it to brush your teeth.

Below is a list of contaminants that have been known to exist in tap water:

  • Lead- A toxic metal that can be harmful even if consumed in low doses. The pipes in your house are going to corrode naturally over time; the same thing happens in public water deposits. In either instance, you may be at risk of consuming lead. Of course, the level of contamination varies with the amount of exposure to corroded pipes, but that is exactly why you should get your pipes checked as soon as possible.
  • Chlorine – This is a powerful oxidant usually added to a water supply for the purpose of controlling microbes that naturally exist within it. Consuming chlorine in large doses can be significantly harmful, and simple contact with chlorine may irritate your skin, eyes, or nose. Chlorine can also dry out your hair and skin.
  • Mercury – A liquid metal that can be found in several natural water deposits, mercury consumed in high doses has been known to cause significant harm to a person’s health, specifically in the kidneys.
  • Herbicides – These enter water deposits typically by way of rainfall or irrigation. Herbicides that accumulate in the soil on farmlands usually find there way into lakes and rivers. Atrazine, a herbicide used often to treat the grass on golf courses, can inhibit hormonal activity in the reproductive organs.

What Can I Do to Cleanup My Tap Water?

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