plumber performing maintenance check on kitchen sink pipes

No one wants to call a plumber if they don’t have to. However, emergencies happen. And when they do, we don’t want to find ourselves in the middle of a plumbing failure – whether that means no hot water, a sewage backup, or a gushing pipe. That’s why all plumbing systems should get routine maintenance 

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time. For many homeowners, weekends are already too precious to waste on pesky home maintenance projects. That’s when an annual home plumbing maintenance plan in Golden Valley from Plumbing by Jake becomes so valuable.

What Is a Plumbing Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Plumbing maintenance plans are designed to help you get the most from your fixtures and appliances by providing yearly checks on every aspect of your system. But, unfortunately, as your plumbing ages, it becomes less efficient.

For example, your tank water heater may require flushing to remove sediment. By scheduling an annual maintenance service for your Golden Valley home, we can keep an eye on your plumbing to help you avoid costly issues down the road. 

Besides water heaters, preventative maintenance plans typically cover tubs, sinks, showers, faucets, and toilets. Plus, plumbing-related equipment like drains, tanks, vents, and pumps.

A Maintenance Plan to Help You Save and Simplify Your Life

At our company, we have a long history of offering cost-saving annual home plumbing maintenance plans in and around Golden Valley. These plans are designed to do three simple things:

  • Save you money by avoiding costly plumbing repairs down the road
  • Extend the life of crucial systems like your water heater
  • Take the hassle out of home maintenance so that you can rest easy knowing everything is done by a professional

Don’t spend your next day off slogging through a DIY project. Instead, allow our experienced technicians to take home plumbing maintenance off your plate and keep your home in top condition. We offer a 100% guarantee on every job we do. 

The Top 7 Benefits of a Home Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Many homeowners fail to realize the level of upkeep their plumbing is supposed to have or the benefits of having it done well. However, a routine plumbing maintenance visit can make a dramatic difference in your energy bills, your comfort, and your future plumbing costs.

Here are the top seven reasons we recommend purchasing a maintenance plan for your home:

  1. To avert plumbing emergencies: While there’s no way to entirely repair-proof a home, the reality is that older, poorly maintained plumbing malfunctions more often than systems that are regularly cleaned and serviced. This may be the most critical item on the list because a single emergency can cost hundreds of dollars or more, disrupt your life, ruin your furniture, and even damage your home. Reduce the risk of a significant plumbing issue by having your maintenance performed proactively.
  2. Save money on energy bills: Your maintenance plan includes a thorough cleaning and tuneup of one of the most significant energy users in the home: your water heater. Plus, our team will identify leaks and fix your dripping faucets. All of this adds up to savings on energy costs and water usage that you can see for yourself when your monthly bill arrives.
  3. Save even more money on plumbing repairs: Sometimes, a maintenance visit will uncover a minor issue that will grow into a major plumbing problem over time. However, in many cases, we can catch it when it’s still minor and do an easy fix before it gets out of hand. This can save you big money by helping you avoid repair calls.
  4. Extend the life of your plumbing systems: No one wants to discover their water heater has worn out and needs to be replaced. Therefore, the best way to prolong your water heater’s life is to maintain it regularly, year after year. Sign up for a maintenance plan and add years to your water heater’s life, and save you substantial money in the process.
  5. Use your time YOUR way: Although the cost savings are great, the biggest benefit for many homeowners is simply time. There is nothing better than enjoying your weekend knowing that your household fix-it items are taken care of, with no effort on your part. We make it easy to keep your plumbing in working order month after month.
  6. Receive expert advice: As we’ve discussed, maintenance on your plumbing can help you bypass clogged drains, leaky faucets, and broken pipes. It also allows you to establish an ongoing relationship with your plumber. Ask questions and receive honest answers and expert advice.
  7. Save energy and water: We can also help you save energy and water by suggesting high-efficiency upgrades. For example, you may think your 10-year-old toilet is working fine. However, we may recommend a low-flow toilet model that could save you gallons of water every day. Also, low-flow faucets can help you save energy. That’s because the less water you use, the less your water tank has to work.

What’s Included in Your Home Plumbing Maintenance Plan?

When you sign up for our Annual Home Plumbing Maintenance Plan in Golden Valley, you’ll get a comprehensive service that covers your maintenance problems in one trouble-free, annual visit. In addition, for the low rate of $99 per year, you’ll receive a yearly inspection where we focus on your convenience and ensure:

  • We arrive at your home on time in a time slot of your choosing.
  • We thoroughly inspect your plumbing system. We check all your toilets, fixtures, pipes, and plumbing systems for performance, leaks, dampness, and other common issues.
  • We tune up your water heater. We carry out a comprehensive inspection and fine-tune settings to optimize performance.
  • We give detailed, easy-to-understand recommendations regarding substantial items we think should be addressed.
  • We test your home’s water quality targeting bacteria, chlorine levels, and total dissolved solids (TDS).

Our industry-leading protection plan includes protection and inspection of your:

  • Water supply lines
  • Sump pump, water pump, and sewer pump
  • Water pressure
  • Water heater
  • Drains and vents
  • Shower fixtures
  • Safety shut-offs
  • Kitchen faucets and sinks, and that includes cleaning and removing all aerators
  • Expansion tank
  • Bathroom toilets, faucets, and tubs

If your system needs repairs, you’ll receive an exclusive member discount of 15% off parts and labor. 

Above all, we stand behind our work. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every maintenance visit and repair we do. 

Talk to a Golden Valley Home Maintenance Expert Today

Don’t let plumbing become a headache in your home. Plumbing systems can often be complicated, and attempting to maintain them on your own can be challenging and expensive. Instead, let Plumbing by Jake put your maintenance into experienced, professional hands. 

When it comes to handling any of your plumbing needs, call an experienced partner that can be there in an emergency—day or night, seven days a week. Call us or complete our online form to schedule your service and sign up for our annual home plumbing maintenance plan in Golden Valley today!