Our sewer repair service in Kingman, AZ, is available 24/7.

A broken sewer line is dangerous for you and your family’s health. Sewer lines remove waste from the home to be treated elsewhere, or put into a septic tank for processing. When these lines break, it affects your health, and it also affects the beauty of your home.

No one wants to live in a home that smells of sewage! So if you smell something you shouldn’t, let Plumbing By Jake know. We have sewer repair staff in Kingman ready to diagnose your sewer problems and fix them ASAP, even if you call late at night. For more information contact our emergency plumber in Kingman.

Signs Your Sewer Is Backing Up

Sewer lines need to be cleaned regularly to remove built up roots, grease clogs, and anything else that has invaded your sewer pipes. There are some telltale signs that show your sewer may have a problem and needs inspection.

  • Two or more drains in your home are slow.
  • There is a gurgling sound when you flush the toilet
  • Your toilet needs plunging more often
  • Water comes up through drains when you flush the toilet
  • You smell sewage from the drains

Plumbing By Jake will use special tools to inspect and remove the blockage so your drains run clean again. It’s faster than you might think, and it will keep sewage from backing up into the home.

Signs Your Sewage Pipes Are Broken

Sometimes the signs aren’t so subtle. If you’re out in your yard and start smelling sewage, or if you’re down in your basement and see a suspicious leak, you could have a broken sewage pipe. Don’t worry! Our pipe repair team can come out and replace or patch the broken pipe.

A sewage pipe doesn’t have water going through it constantly, but if there is a crack it will leak whenever the drain gets used. Watch for leaking joints, corrosion, or any moisture on your pipes. Do not touch the sewer pipe with your bare hands! Use a plastic glove to run your hand over the pipe, then shine light on your glove to look for moisture.

The most common reason for a sewer pipe break is tree roots, which is why you need to get your pipes checked regularly for root infestation. Another sign that’s more subtle is a patch of grass growing much faster than surrounding grass. The water from your drain is feeding the grass.

What to Do with Raw Sewage

If raw sewage is coming into your home, you will need to act fast. Here are some steps to take while you wait for the plumber:

  • Wear protective clothing
  • Shut off the main water supply and do not use any water in your home in case sewage contaminated it
  • Shut off electricity to the rooms where sewage is present
  • Shut off your home’s AC and use the windows. AC units can pick up germs from the sewage and spread them throughout the home
  • If there is standing water, add a little bleach to disinfect it
  • Contact your insurance company and send them photos of the damage
  • Call our sewer repair service in Kingman

Cleaning the sewage has its own challenges, but our plumbers can help you with the task. The sewage has to be pumped out or drained and everything it touched must be cleaned and sanitized. You must take care not to track sewage water throughout your house while you clean.

Why Go with Plumbing By Jake?

Plumbing By Jake is a top-rated plumbing company in Kingman and surrounding areas. Why do customers rate us so highly? One reason is our transparent pricing. We give flat-rate estimates for all of our work with no surprise fees after we’ve fixed your problem.

Second, we only hire licensed plumbers with professional experience already under their belts. There’s a big difference between getting your license and getting experience! We want to ensure that our workers aren’t cutting their teeth on your sewer problem.

Finally, we have a team large enough to have 24/7 emergency services and a firm commitment to our scheduling windows. Nothing sets a poorer first impression for a plumber than arriving late to an appointment time you set!

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