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There is no better time than today to give your home water system a check-up. That’s because Plumbing by Jake is offering Lake Havasu citizens a home water inspection at no charge. We have more than a decade of experience serving Lake Havasu residents.

We help with everything from 24/7 plumbing repairs to water treatment and softener installations. Now, we’re offering a free service to help you protect your family against home water pollutants and toxins. So, schedule an appointment today with our expert plumbers. For more information contact our plumber in Lake Havasu.

We’ll visit your home to analyze the water your family uses and drinks every day. 

How Lake Havasu Drinking Water Can Become Contaminated

Lakes, streams, springs, wells, ponds, rivers, and reservoirs make up some of the drinking water sources for Lake Havasu. But, before it reaches the city’s water treatment facility, it moves through the ground or over land, dissolving natural minerals and picking up human or animal waste and possibly radioactive material.

To ensure your tap water is considered safe, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets limitations on contaminant levels in our public water systems.

The EPA and the Safe Drinking Water Act

Our company strives to help Lake Havasu community members by ensuring your home water is free of harmful substances to keep you healthy and thriving. 

The EPA created the Safe Drinking Water Act to safeguard our drinking water from more than 90 contaminants. However, the EPA has a broad definition of a contaminant: any “physical, chemical, biological, or radiological substance or matter in the water.” 

Under this definition, anything other than a water molecule is considered a contaminant. This means that our drinking water will probably contain trace amounts of substances defined as a contaminant. Some of these won’t harm you if they are ingested at certain levels, while others could be damaging.

To come up with its list of impurities, the EPA uses a document published every five years. The latest was made available in July 2021 and was called Contaminant Candidate List 5-draft.

Drinking-Water Contaminants Identified by the EPA

The following is a general list of drinking water contaminants and some examples:

  • Chemical contaminants: These are impurities in the form of elements or compounds and may include toxins from bacteria, pesticides, salts, drugs, or metals. 
  • Physical contaminants: Physical contaminants impact your water’s appearance or physical properties. For instance, soil erosion can lead to sediment or organic material clouding up lakes, streams, or rivers. 
  • Radiological contaminants: These chemical elements have uneven neutron and proton numbers, leading to unstable atoms that release ionizing radiation. Uranium, cesium, and plutonium are examples of this contaminant.
  • Biological contaminants: These impurities are organisms, or microbes, that live in tap water. Bacteria, protozoa, parasites, and viruses are examples of these contaminants.

A Free Home Water Test Can Alert You to Hidden Dangers

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is required to inform the public when its drinking water could be dangerous to public health. However, by the time a warning is issued, it may be too late. 

You depend on water for cooking and washing dishes, your morning coffee, and brushing your teeth. Water is essential in your life, and you want it to be safe.

Being aware of contaminants in your home tap water is the first step to removing dangerous toxins and impurities before they can cause harm to you or your family. A free home water test in Lake Havasu will reveal your water’s contaminants.

How Free Water Testing Works

Our company is committed to a healthy community. That’s why we make our free home water test and evaluation fast and easy. Our expert consultants will explain what they are looking for and offer choices to improve it.

We’ll send certified Comfort Consultants to your home to evaluate your water. We inspect your water system and search for hidden problems and contaminants, including unsafe chlorine levels, nitrates, sulfates, lead, and total dissolved solids (TDS)

Dissolved solids can mean salts, metals, dissolved organic matter, and waste. If your water tastes bitter, or if you find crusty substances around your faucets and fixtures, TDS may be to blame. 

Boost Water Quality With a Water Treatment and Softener System 

After investigating your home’s water system, we will discuss the best choices to keep your tap water healthy.

One potential solution is a water treatment and softener system that eliminates contaminants, including damaging minerals that build up in your plumbing system. With our system, you’ll receive:

  • An all-in-one installation that eliminates hassles and headaches
  • An upfront and honest estimate
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Your family deserves clean, safe water in your home. This unit does away with hard-water problems and banishes the odors and the unpleasant taste associated with high amounts of chlorine.

Schedule Your Free Home Water Test Today

Take action by getting your home water in Lake Havasu tested today for free with Plumbing by Jake. Contaminated water doesn’t only affect your health but may damage your home plumbing system creating a full-fledged disaster. 

If you’re experiencing problems, our expert team will help with sewer and water lines, bathtub or toilet repair, and we’ll fix or replace rusted-out water heaters. 

Preventing plumbing problems before they get out of hand can save you money and headaches. Don’t wait for a disaster. Keeping your plumbing safe begins by calling us or contacting us online to schedule your free home water test today.