The temperatures in Lake Havasu, Arizona, stay above freezing most of the year. However, temps may dip below freezing during some winter nights, causing issues with plumbing systems as the water freezes in pipes.

You can contact us for Lake Havasu frozen pipes prevention and repair services in this situation. Our team at Plumbing by Jake can help you prepare for chilly temperatures. We also provide fast repair services if your pipes freeze, crack, or burst. For more information contact our plumber in Lake Havasu.

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Do You Need to Call a Plumber for Lake Havasu Frozen Pipes?

Water expands as it freezes into ice. So during cold nights, the water left in pipes throughout your home can start to freeze, pushing against the inside of the pipes. Once the water freezes, it can result in sluggish faucets or even prevent water from coming out of your faucets entirely.

Frozen water can also crack or burst pipes, resulting in significant water damage. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent frozen pipes by contacting us. You can also reach out to us if you notice evidence of freezing. 

Can You Unfreeze Pipes on Your Own in Lake Havasu?

Some property owners consider unfreezing their own pipes after a cold night. If you have minor amounts of ice, you may have a chance to unfreeze it by turning on a faucet and using a space heater or blow dryer to heat the outside of the pipe.

However, you have to be careful with heat, as too much could warp or damage some plastic pipes. Additionally, if you have a crack or burst pipe full of ice, water may flood out as you warm it.

Therefore, many property owners trust the professionals for Lake Havasu frozen pipes prevention and repair services. 

How do We Prevent Frozen Pipes in Lake Havasu?

Ideally, our team strives to prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter months, though we gladly step in to help if you notice issues with freezing. Prevention can help you avoid more expensive problems like cracks in your pipes.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing professionals can insulate the pipes in your home.

Insulating pipes in unheated areas and those along exterior walls can help you avoid issues with freezing. We use various materials to handle insulation, including foam, fiberglass, and rubber. You may consider insulation for pipes in your:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Crawlspace

We have the experience, training, and equipment to handle the installation for you. 

What Steps Can You Take to Prevent Frozen Pipes?

You can also take proactive steps to keep your pipes from freezing. If you know cold temperatures are coming, make sure you turn off any outdoor spigots from your indoor water lines. Then, drain the exterior taps of all water.

You may turn on indoor faucets when the temperatures get very cold, allowing them to run at a trickle while temperatures stay below freezing. Keeping your home temperature above 55 degrees can also help prevent freezing pipes.

Keeping outside doors and the garage closed helps keep in warm air. Sometimes, you should set up a space heater near pipes by exterior walls, but only if the temperatures get very low. 

Can External Pipes Freeze in Lake Havasu?

If the temperatures get low enough, your external pipes can also freeze. Part of our Lake Havasu frozen pipes prevention and repair services involves checking your external plumbing systems.

When you contact us to prepare for the cold weather, we’ll inspect the property for vulnerabilities to the cold. This check-up involves examining your pool and sprinkler lines to ensure they have enough insulation for the winter.

Sometimes, these lines crack during cold nights. You may not realize the damage occurred until the weather warms up when you suddenly start getting big water bills from the damage. 

How do We Handle Frozen Pipe Repair Services?

If preventative measures do not stop your pipes from freezing in Lake Havasu, you can contact us immediately for assistance. Plumbing professionals reach your home quickly, bringing along the equipment they need to handle the problem.

We assess the degree of damage before we begin repairs. If the water freezes without damaging the pipes, we may use a specialized heat gun to warm them up, allowing the normal flow of water through your home to resume. 

We Handle Repairs for Cracked and Burst Pipes

In severe cases, frozen pipes can crack or even burst open. As a result, they can release gallons upon gallons of water into the walls and floors of your home, causing massive water damage and potentially leading to the spread of mold.

In this emergency, you can contact us for immediate help. We can shut off the water to the pipes, clean up the mess, and repair or replace the damaged pipes. Once we take care of emergency repairs, our plumbing team discusses options to prevent the problem from returning. 

How Much does It Cost to Fix Frozen Water Pipes?

The cost to handle Lake Havasu frozen pipes prevention and repair services varies based on the number of affected pipes and the extent of the damage. We’ll provide a quote before we start the job, and we use flat-rate pricing to keep things simple, so you don’t have to worry about surcharges. 

Contact Us for Help with Frozen Pipes in Lake Havasu

Our team at Plumbing by Jake provides Lake Havasu frozen pipes prevention and repair services. We’re ready to assist you as the weather gets cold, preparing your home for chilly nights. You can also contact us in the event of an emergency for fast help. 

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