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Are you looking for garbage disposal installation and repair services in Lake Havasu? If so, you can turn to our team at Plumbing by Jake for professional assistance. Our experienced plumbers take care of repairs, service calls, replacements, and new installations.

You rely on your garbage disposal to help with the efficiency of your kitchen. We can keep your unit in excellent condition when you turn to us for your plumbing needs. For more information contact our plumber in Lake Havasu.

When Should You Schedule Garbage Disposal Repairs in Lake Havasu?

Garbage disposals perform a difficult task in your kitchen. They grind up waste, making it easier for you to wash dishes without fishing leftovers out of the bottom of the sink. Over time, they may wear out or break down, requiring repair services in Lake Havasu.

In some cases, you can troubleshoot your garbage disposal. For example, you may:

  • Check the circuit breaker if the garbage disposal stops turning on
  • Adjust the garbage disposal with an Allen wrench if it turns on but does not grind
  • Use a broom handle to nudge the disposal if it’s humming but does not fully operate

Taking these steps may get your garbage disposal working again, but they should always be attempted with caution. For example, do not attempt to nudge the disposal while it’s turned on, and never put your hands in the unit.

If the above steps do not help, you can contact the professionals. Our team can:

  • Adjust a jammed flywheel
  • Check the garbage disposal’s electrical systems
  • Remove a clog from the sink
  • Replace or sharpen garbage disposal blades
  • Replace an older and worn-out disposal system

We assess the specific causes of your issue, provide you with a quote for service, and take care of the repairs quickly in Lake Havasu.

We Take Care of Garbage Disposal Installation in Lake Havasu

Repairs cannot always take care of a garbage disposal breakdown in Lake Havasu. In this situation, you may work with the professionals to replace your old unit. You can also contact us if you want to upgrade your kitchen by installing your first garbage disposal.

While some property owners attempt to install a garbage disposal independently, we’re ready to step in and offer comprehensive solutions. Our team provides you with:

Confidence About the Results

Getting professional help with Lake Havasu garbage disposal installation and repair services can prevent problems down the road. A licensed, bonded, and insured plumber can properly install the system, helping you avoid leaks and water damage.

Fast Installation

We have the experience and the equipment to quickly install a new garbage disposal system in your home or business. We set up an appointment time and arrive on schedule because we respect your time.

Affordable Pricing

We understand the importance of providing our services at an affordable rate. Therefore, we use flat-rate pricing, making it easy for you to estimate the costs of getting a new garbage disposal.

Access to High-End Products

Picking the correct garbage disposal can have a significant impact on how the unit functions. We help you review your garbage disposal options, finding the system that will meet all your needs while providing reliable service for years to come.

Why Choose Us for Garbage Disposal Service in Lake Havasu?

Working with the professionals can take the stress out of garbage disposal installation and repairs. Our team has years of experience taking care of commercial and residential plumbing repairs.

You can contact our licensed and insured garbage disposal repair crews to set up an appointment at a convenient time. We arrive on time, respect your schedule, and clean up any mess associated with the repair process.

Our team proudly backs all Lake Havasu garbage disposal installation and repair jobs with a 5-Star Service Guarantee because your satisfaction matters to us. We also provide up-front estimates on our flat-rate fees so that you don’t face any surprises after the job.

How Long Does Garbage Disposal Repair Take in Lake Havasu?

The amount of time it takes to complete garbage disposal repairs can vary based on the problem with our unit. However, once our technicians arrive at your property, they’ll assess the issue and can provide an estimate on time.

We typically arrive with the tools and replacement parts needed to complete a repair, allowing us to handle the issue in a single service call. In many cases, repairs and even installation only take a few hours.

You can set up an appointment at a time that works for you today.

How Much does Garbage Disposal Repair Cost?

We use flat-rate pricing for garbage disposal repairs and installations in Lake Havasu. You can get a quote for your service needs when you contact us to set up your appointment. We can also discuss the costs of parts.

Can You Prevent a Garbage Disposal Clog?

Clogs past your garbage disposal can cause your sink to back up. In this situation, you may want to contact the professionals to help clear the blockage. You can also take steps to prevent the issue.

The best way to prevent a garbage disposal clog is monitoring what you put down the drain. Avoid pouring down:

  • Grease
  • Fat
  • Oil
  • Eggshells
  • Nuts
  • Oatmeal

Monitoring the items you pour down the drain can preserve the life of your garbage disposal, reducing the odds of a breakdown. In addition, regularly cleaning your garbage disposal can keep it efficient.

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