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Cold weather can be problematic for many reasons, but many do not realize the impact it can have on their home’s plumbing system. Consider that water moves through your water lines, drain lines, and supportive pipes throughout the day, and cold water freezes when it is not moving. That is why, at Plumbing by Jake, we offer full Mohave Valley frozen pipes prevention and repair services with a Mohave Valley plumber near me.

Why Turn to a Plumber for Your Frozen Pipe Risks?

When water sits in a pipe for any length of time, it is subject to changes based on the environment. That means that when temperatures drop low, the water freezes, and as it does, it expands. The pressure and increased volume of the frozen water creates direct pressure on the pipes, leading to them bursting because they cannot contain the frozen water.

This creates a very dangerous situation in your home, one that nearly always results in flooding that, if not caught soon enough, could continue until someone turns the water off. Flooding aside, frozen and burst pipes often require extensive repair, cleanup, and mold remediation in some situations. The better option is to work with a plumbing team that can prevent this from occurring.

At Plumbing by Jake, we work closely with our clients to provide help where they need it, whether that is in preventing the onset of frozen water leading to a burst pipe or, in some cases, helping with the repairs afterward. In all situations, you can expect us to offer remedies that can help make those cold nights at least a bit less worrisome for your pipes. If you have not done so yet, schedule a consultation with us to learn how we can help you.

Prevention Strategies for Frozen Pipes

Our Mohave Valley frozen pipe prevention services are the right starting point, and we encourage you to reach out to our plumbing team at the start of fall for the best access to preventative strategies. We can offer a full inspection to determine what could be occurring in your home’s plumbing system and then get to work protecting it. Some of the prevention methods we may recommend include the following:

  • Adding insulation: If the area does not have enough insulation, it is wise to add it. This is not uncommon in basement areas or crawl spaces, for example.
  • Insulate the pipes, too: Our plumbers can help you wrap protecting coverings over the most at-risk pipes in your home, minimizing the risk that you will have frozen pipes occurring.
  • Cleaning the lines: We can also determine if you need to have your pipes cleaned out and jetted, which can help to prevent the build-up of material in them that can also freeze.

There are steps you can take at your home to help minimize the risk of frozen pipes as well, including keeping garage doors closed (especially for those lines and sewers outdoors) and letting the cold water drip very slowly throughout the coldest parts of the night. We also recommend ensuring that you keep the area as warm as necessary, including opening cabinet doors and setting your thermostat to not allow any space to reach below 55 degrees. You may want to reach out for help with improved insulation throughout your home to lock in more balanced temperatures as well.

Call on Us for Frozen Pipe Repair Services in Mohave Valley

There are times when pipes freeze no matter what actions you take, and when that happens, you can rely on our team at Plumbing by Jake to help you with the repair work. Your first step is to get the water turned off as soon as possible so that it does not create significant flooding throughout your home (which can also freeze!) Once the water is off, the next step is to clean up any water present and dry out the area properly to minimize any mold buildup.

Then, let our team come in to provide you with the necessary repairs to the plumbing system, including removing and replacing all damaged lines. We can also inspect the rest of the plumbing in the home that is at risk for freezing to determine if you should remove and replace those areas as well. Most people do not think about replacing their water lines or sewer lines often, but they can wear down over time, and depending on the type and age, replacing them could minimize the risk of bursting.

When you work with our professionals, we will help you in any way we can, including offering strategies for further prevention as well (we can insulate those new pipes right away so you do not have to deal with this problem again, for example). In addition to this, we have working relationships with many area professionals who can help with services like mold remediation and insulation and can make recommendations for you. Keep Plumbing by Jake readily accessible to you to protect your home from burst pipes.

Are You Unsure of Your Risk?

You may not know if there is a risk of burst pipes in your area, or you do not know if your plumbing lines need updating. While this is not uncommon, we do recommend having our highly skilled and licensed plumbers come out to your home for an annual inspection to pinpoint any leaks or other areas of risk, which could minimize future problems. It is a form of preventative maintenance you really should not be without.

For Plumbing Repair in Mohave Valley, Call Plumbing by Jake

We are here to help you with all of your plumbing repair and maintenance needs, including full Mohave Valley frozen pipes prevention and repair services. You can contact Plumbing by Jake for 24-hour emergency help if you have pipes that burst or you need plumbing repair for a concern in your home or business. With licensed technicians and competitive rates, we are proud to be your best bet when it comes to plumbing service in the region.