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A leak is rarely a simple problem that you can put off. If you have a leak occurring in your home, that means there is some area of your plumbing system that is putting your property at risk, and Plumbing by Jake can help you. Our Mohave Valley leak repair services from our Mohave Valley plumber near me are designed to minimize frustration and help you get your home back to a safe level of function in no time.

Finding the Leak in Your Plumbing System

Plumbing leaks can be very obvious, or they can be hidden problems that you do not know about until your home’s water bills reach sky-high levels. At Plumbing by Jake, we offer a variety of services that can help us detect leaks and fix them quickly, even if they are not as obvious as they may seem to be. Often, water can run along wood beams and pipes for some time before the leak becomes evident, and that can make repairs difficult to do.

We offer water leak detection solutions that can pinpoint areas of water leaking from underground pipes and drain lines quickly and without having to dig up your yard to find them. These types of water leak detection services save you time and money while allowing us to get the repairs you need to your plumbing system in no time. When you suspect a water leak, including due to the following signs, call our plumbers for immediate help in Mohave Valley:

  • High water bills that are not otherwise explained
  • Water that is saturating the area outside of your home, such as flower beds or the grass, even when it does not rain
  • Pooling water inside or outside of your home that you are not sure where it is coming from
  • Development of mold and mildew on your home’s structural surfaces
  • Presence of water stains on drywall or ceilings, especially circular, browned areas that are dry
  • Noticeable dripping from any water lines in your home

Do Not Put Off Leaks

If there is a leak occurring in your home, outside of your home, or even in a sump pump, well, or drain outside of your home, it needs to be handled as soon as possible for multiple reasons. Even a tiny drop of water that occurs every few seconds leads not just to water waste but also to structural risk to your home. Some of the most common complications to come from untreated and unrepaired water leaks in plumbing systems include:

  • Damage to drywall and floorboards requiring replacement
  • Development of mold and mildew that can cause a health problem for many people
  • Damage to the structural integrity of the home or building, including damage to the foundation
  • A build-up of water that can lead to erosion concerns in some areas
  • Unsafe conditions within a home due to water damage and leaks

The sooner you get help for a leak that you know is present, the more effective and more affordable that repair process can be. At Plumbing by Jake, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as you notice any type of leak occurring or any type of change in the humidity levels in your home. Let Plumbing by Jake pinpoint the leak and repair it right away, reducing the risk of a costly repair down the road.

Leave the Leak Repair to the Professionals

When you have a leak that is minor or simple to fix, you can handle the repairs yourself, such as tightening up the faucet that is dripping. However, there are many times when leak repair is more complex and requires a professional to handle it to ensure the leak is properly maintained, the damage is cleaned up, and the surface and structure are safe. There are some times when it is best to let us handle the leak repair for you and your home, including when:

  • The leak is large and is impacting the structural integrity of the space or building
  • The leak is underground, such as in the water lines in your yard
  • You have noticeable mold and mildew damage, which may indicate a very large, hard-to-treat leak
  • There are areas of your home that are no longer safe because of the leaks occurring
  • You are unsure how to fix a leak (we’re the plumbers; let us handle this task for you!)

When you leak, our team finds and treats the leaks in your home, and you can count on the work being done properly the first time. That means we will find the leak, repair it, clean up the damage that it caused, and offer repairs and solutions to minimize the risk in the future. Plumbing by Jake has highly skilled, licensed, and trained technicians who can handle the entire process for you without complication, and all you have to do is reach out to us for help.

Preventing Leaks and Large-Scale Water Problems in Your Home

You know that our plumbing team is here for you when there is a leak that needs to be fixed, but we can also help you prevent leaks in the future as well. To do that, reach out to us to set up a comprehensive plumbing inspection. There are several things we can do for you at that time.

  • Pinpoint any areas of existing leaks by using our leak detection solutions to find any concerns.
  • Discuss with you the areas of risk and how to improve them
  • Get a plumbing inspection to pinpoint areas of potential blockages that could be a cause of a leak down the road.

You can trust Plumbing by Jake to keep your home dry. If you know you have a leak, we are here for you. If you do not want one, we can help you as well.

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