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As the temperatures begin to fall, one of the more common calls our team gets is the need for help with frozen pipes that have burst, creating significant flooding in homes in the middle of winter. At Plumbing by Jake, our Peach Springs plumber near me wants to help you avoid this type of problem (though we are here to help you if it happens to you). Consider some Peach Springs frozen pipes prevention and repair services we can help you with today.

Frozen Pipe Prevention Is Possible

The water pipes moving into your home and the drain lines leaving your home can freeze over in the winter months, and when that happens, it can lead to numerous problems and a complicated cleanup. Prevention is always the route to go, and we can offer strategies to help you do that. Some tips for frozen pipe prevention in Peach Springs we recommend include the following:

  • Ensure your lines are jetted and clean. This helps minimize the risk that material will freeze and create a higher risk of backups.
  • Insulate the lines that are running through unheated areas of your home, especially in basements or crawl spaces, which are the most at risk of freezing pipes.
  • If you have areas of your home where you do not use the water, turn off the water valve in those areas to minimize any risk of water flowing through the area.
  • Be sure to turn off the valve on outdoor spigots that may also be at a higher risk of freezing due to their exposure.
  • Always set and keep your home’s thermostat no lower than 55 degrees to minimize the risk of pipes freezing.

If you know it is going to be a very cold night, leave the water running just a small amount throughout that cold spell to minimize its ability to freeze. We also recommend ensuring that you keep the air temperature warm, which means opening up cupboard doors and moving ceiling panels to minimize the amount of cold air trapped here. Let us offer a consultation to provide additional tips and strategies that may apply in your case.

Frozen Pipe Repair in Peach Springs

Even if you do everything you can, you may end up with pipes that still freeze over, and that can lead to one of two outcomes. The first is that it causes the pipe to make water inaccessible in your home, which is not safe to do. The second complication is that, if left that way, the water will freeze, expand, and cause the pipes to burst, creating a flooding risk in your home.

If you have frozen pipes in your home, we encourage you to give our team a call for immediate help. Let us come to your home, inspect the problem, and create a way of getting the water moving in a safe manner, reducing the risk of bursting. Our team can offer solutions for even the most difficult of areas.

Also note that if the pipes do burst, call us immediately once you turn the water off at the valve to stop the flow from continuing. We can offer emergency plumbing service in Peach Springs to get your system back up and working again. We recommend getting this repair taken care of immediately to protect your home from ongoing damage and risk.

Unsure What to Do When the Cold Temperatures Are Approaching?

Your home’s plumbing could be at risk when temperatures begin to drop. Our Peach Springs plumbing team can offer help and guidance specially designed to minimize your risks. This could be the perfect time to have our team come out for preventative maintenance and upkeep of your system.

Plumbing services can help to minimize risks to your drains, water lines, and even your gas lines throughout the year. Our team is skilled and knows the region’s weather well enough to be able to offer specific strategies to reduce your home’s risk of frozen pipes or burst pipes. You just need to give us a call so we can set up an appointment to visit your home.

Most of the time, keeping your home warm will help to minimize these risks, but we also do not suggest just raising the temperature to a level that is too high, which makes your energy bills unmanageable. Instead, let us work on creating a customized solution to address the concerns in your home. We are here for you, and we know the steps we can take to support your needs.

Let Us Work to Minimize Your Risks Today

Call Plumbing by Jake now to set up a consultation. Let us come out and take a closer look at the current pipes running through your home. This includes water and drain lines to pinpoint any areas of concern. If there are leaks or areas where the pipe may be corroded or otherwise damaged, fixing that now could help minimize the risk of the pipe bursting later.

We can also make recommendations for cleaning out the lines, which may be helpful if there are tree roots growing in them, grease build-up within the lines, or other clogs that could be making it possible for water to sit in the pipes for too long. The longer the water sits there, the higher the risk is that it will freeze during cold spells and lead to a burst pipe. With our full-service line cleaning, we can tackle this problem for you right away and ensure that it does not lead to complicated repairs.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Plumbing Service in Peach Springs Now

With comprehensive Peach Springs frozen pipes prevention and repair services, Plumbing by Jake is the best company to call for any repairs that you may need as you head into the winter months. Whether you need preventative services or help after your pipes burst, our experience and dedication to trusted, effective, and fast service are available to you. Call us now for emergency service or to schedule an appointment.