How to Tell It’s Time for a New Toilet


How to Tell It’s Time for a New Toilet

There are many signs of a faulty toilet. Knowing what to look for prevents you from developing greater expenses caused by water damage. Here are five things that often indicate that your toilet needs to be replaced by a professional plumber.

Warning Sign #1: You Keep Having to Repair the Toilet

If you always have to replace parts or have maintenance done on the toilet to keep it operating, these expenses quickly add up to what it would cost for a new, more efficient toilet. If you have to keep paying for plumbing services or parts, it may be more advantageous to purchase a new toilet.

Warning Sign #2: It Keeps Getting Clogged

If you’re constantly plunging the toilet to get it to go down, it’s a sign that an upgrade is in your future. Older toilets don’t have the flushing capacity newer, low flush toilets have. Rather than roll up your sleeves with plunger in hand, why not just buy a new toilet? It saves you time, money, and the frustration of constantly having to plunge it for it to work. But it is also a good idea before jumping right into replacement that you check with an experienced plumber to make sure the issue isn’t somewhere going on with drain line.

Warning Sign #3: The Porcelain is Cracked

Water slowly leaks out onto the floor and floorboards causing a mess and higher water bills. Even the smallest crack can cause leaks, so be on the lookout for them by doing a thorough inspection of your toilet. A small hairline fracture can cause your toilet to leak and your water bill to soar!

Warning Sign #4: It’s Scratched and Looks Worn Out

This is more for aesthetic purposes, but no one likes an ugly toilet in the bathroom, especially if the porcelain is cracked, stained or looks old. It may even be the wrong color as many bathrooms of the past had colored toilets. Toilets aren’t necessarily the most attractive items in a home but they can certainly look better than what you currently have to use.

Warning Sign #5: Your water bill is steadily increasing over time.

A water savings toilet is a wise investment as it saves you a bundle of money over the course of its lifetime. With these newer models, only two gallons of water are used with each flush, which is significantly better than the three-gallon models of the past. You’ll not only save money on repairs, but you’ll also see your water bill start to decrease in total each month, too.

Replacing your toilet not only ensures you and your family’s safety, it also helps cut down on your water bill. The right toilet is easy to clean, quiet, and comfortable. It’s a fixture in your home that is visited regularly so it should be the best quality it can possibly be.