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When your bathtub, toilet, or sink drain clogs up, it can have a significant impact on your day. You might try to clear your drain yourself, but severe clogs are not easily removed. Hiring a professional plumber to come in and remove the clog may be in your best interests. 

Although the cost of a plumber to snake your drain can vary depending on where you live, the severity of your clog, and the type of drain that needs snaking, you can generally expect to spend anywhere between $125-$800. However, DIY plumbing can come with complications of its own. Instead, it may be wise to hire a pro to come in and snake your drain on your behalf. 

Here is more about how much you could expect to send based on the specific details of your drain clog and your family budget.

What does It Cost to Snake a Drain in 2023?

Across the nation, if you were going to hire a professional plumber, the average amount you can expect to spend is approximately $250. However, if your clog is minor, plumbers may charge as little as $100. Of course, if your clog is substantially more complex, this could increase your costs to upwards of $400. 

Generally, after taking a closer look at the drain and assessing water damage to determine potential health effects, they will offer a flat fee to perform the task. This will include not only the cost of replacement parts but their hourly rate of pay and labor charges. You can expect your location to have a substantial impact on the cost of a plumber. 

For instance, according to the Department of Labor, if you were hiring a professional plumber in Texas, you might spend a little less than $30 an hour, while Illinois plumbers earn upwards of $45 an hour.

What Can Impact Your Drain Cleaning Cost?

Multiple factors could have an influence on how much it will cost to clear your drain. The experience and reputation of your plumber will also factor in. However, most experienced plumbers will take into account the severity and size of the clog, the type of drain, their hourly rate of pay, and the cost of any replacement parts to get you a price estimate.

The Severity and Size of the Clog

After conducting an initial assessment of your drain, your plumber will determine how large the clog is and its expected severity. While minor blockages may take only a couple of minutes to resolve, more complex drain issues could take substantially longer and require more than one attempt. It is not unheard of for challenging clogs to cost upwards of $500 with parts and labor costs included.

The Type of Drain

The type of drain that needs to be unclogged will also have an impact on the amount you can expect to pay. Here are some of the estimated costs of clearing drains based on the type of drain plumbers are dealing with:

  • Toilets – Specialized equipment is often used to snake a toilet drain. You can expect to spend as much as $300 or as little as $150, depending on the complexity of your clog.
  • Bathroom and kitchen drains – Clearing out debris in kitchen and bathroom drains, including garbage disposals, can take a substantial amount of effort. Generally, you can expect to spend approximately $175 to $225 when you hire a pro.
  • Bathtubs – A bathtub drain is far more challenging to unclog than other types of drains. Plumbers snaking bathtub drains generally charge upwards of $250.

Do Not Forget Labor Costs 

The previously mentioned costs do not include labor fees in most cases. You should try to work with a plumber who is willing to charge you a flat fee that will include their labor. The cost of labor is generally what increases the amount of your plumbing, though. 

For most drain snakings, plumbers will charge an average of $250. This will include not only the parts but the amount of their labor as well. Of course, if your clog happens during a holiday or after business hours, you could be charged additional labor fees or an emergency response fee.

Other Factors Influencing Drain Cleaning Costs 

Other factors that could have an impact on the amount it will cost to clear your drain include:

  • The location of the blockage and how far away it is from the sewer line
  • What caused the blockage, as food, soap buildup, and debris often require more than just sneaking and often cause corrosion
  • How many clogs there are throughout the home or commercial business
  • Whether your plumber needs to complete a video inspection, which could cost more than $1300 for the video inspection alone
  • Whether Hydro jetting is required to remove excess debris

Should You Try DIY Drain Cleaning?

You can certainly try to clean your drains on your own. You might attempt to use a drain auger or a manual drain cleaner purchased from your local home improvement store. You might also attempt to unclog your drain by purchasing inexpensive toxic drain cleaners. 

However, these DIY attempts may not always be effective and ultimately wind up costing you more in the long run. By attempting to clean out your drain yourself, you could cause additional damage to the drain pipe. Hiring a professional plumber may be in your best interests if you want to avoid further damage, have several clogs that need to be addressed, or are dealing with more complex drain systems, such as that of your washer.

Hire a Drain Cleaning Professional to Save Money and Time

And the cost of hiring a professional plumber to snake your drain may be well worth it. DIY plumbing efforts could create further issues down the line and may not adequately clear the drain, leading to additional plumbing issues soon after. Instead, call Plumbing by Jake and hire our team to snake your drain and address any other plumbing issues your home or commercial business is dealing with. 

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