How To Unclog A Toilet

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How To Unclog A Toilet

Just the title of this article probably makes you cringe, right? Dealing with clogged toilets is an unpleasant mess for a homeowner to deal with, but you’re bound to run into it eventually. You’ll want to be prepared for this type of emergency and know what to do (or not do) to keep the toilet from overflowing. Jerry Seinfeld once said, “the scariest moment in a person’s life is when they flush the toilet and the water starts coming up”. Keep yourself out of troublesome situations with these tips.

Ways to Unclog Your Toilet

Unclogging your toilet can be done in a number of different ways. Should the rising water emergency occur, you’ll need to quickly turn off the water. Do this by opening the top of the tank and engage the open flapper. Don’t worry, the top tank is full of clean water. With the flapper closed, the water should stop flowing into the bottom tank. Try one of these options:

  • Use a plunger to release the clog, pressure and suction is key here. The force of water helps to unclog the toilet and get the clog moving again.

No plunger?

  • Add dish soap and very hot water to the toilet and wait a few minutes. For minor clogs, this mixture is sometimes enough to penetrate clogs and restore the flow of water.
  • Try baking soda and vinegar for tough clogs. Let the mixture sit in the bowl for 10 minutes or so and then try flushing again. If the clog remains, give it another shot of baking soda and vinegar, wait 10 more minutes, then flush again.

What Not To Do

Chemical drain cleaners might seem like a quick fix, but these can damage your plumbing and contain toxic ingredients that could harm your skin and eyes. You’ll want to avoid these types of products when dealing with a clogged toilet. If it’s your last resort, chemical cleaners might work once or twice, but don’t make a habit it of, even if you take all safety precautions.

When To Call Your Plumber

If you have a toilet that constantly clogs or a pesky blockage that won’t relent, you might need the services of a professional plumber. Schedule an annual maintenance checkup for your plumbing! An annual maintenance plan keeps your system running smoothly and helps prevent nasty clogs. Contact Plumbing By Jake today and see what an annual maintenance plan can do for your system.