Why Small Leaks Can Become Major Plumbing Problems


Why Small Leaks Can Become Major Plumbing Problems

When it comes to plumbing, even small leaks can point to larger problems. Keep an eye out for these four minor issues in your Henderson home before they escalate into major plumbing problems.

Running Toilet

A number of issues can cause a toilet to run, including general wear and tear, mineral deposits, or a broken part. Get to the root of the problem by checking the chain that connects the toilet flapper to the handle. Adjust the chain if necessary, or replace it if it’s broken. If mineral deposits are preventing the flapper from working properly, clean the flapper thoroughly. If the toilet continues to run after this, call in a professional plumber.

A running toilet might not seem like a big deal, but over time it can worsen. A toilet that runs constantly throughout the day can waste hundreds of gallons of water, leading to a hefty water bill.

Ceiling Stains

Water stains on the ceiling are the telltale sign of a water leak originating in the bathroom above. The most common source is a splash leak resulting from water repeatedly escaping beyond your shower or bathtub during normal use. Find the source of the leak and reseal the shower door, replace the shower curtain, or recaulk the seal around the bathtub.

Splash leaks may not seem significant at first, but it’s important to spot them before they result in water-stained ceilings. Keep an eye out for curled flooring or loose tiles around the shower or tub, and don’t hesitate to call a pro for more advanced assistance.

Recurring Mildew

Mildew often appears in wet areas in your bathroom, but as long as you keep the bathroom clean, it’s generally not a cause for concern until you spot it growing outside of the shower. This often points to a leaky pipe in your bathroom. Since a problem like that can be tough for a homeowner to diagnose, be sure to call in professional help.

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