Man Removing A Garbage Disposal

Do you need to remove a garbage disposal? Property owners sometimes need to remove these units to clean out debris that prevents the appliance from functioning correctly, to replace the unit, or because they don’t want to use one anymore.

Our team at Plumbing by Jake can help you determine how to remove a garbage disposal. We’ll go through each step of the process, and if you want professional help, you can schedule an appointment for us to handle the job for you.

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Can You Just Remove a Garbage Disposal?

Many people can handle garbage disposal removal if they follow the proper steps and take precautions. Before you begin the process, make sure you completely shut off the power from the electrical service panel or the circuit breaker.

You should also unplug the garbage disposal before you begin the process. Leaving power to the disposal or the disposal plugged in can result in a dangerous accident.

Do You Need Special Tools to Remove a Garbage Disposal?

Before worrying about how to remove a garbage disposal, it’s essential to make sure you have all the correct tools. Generally, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver, a bucket, and possibly a wrench.

If you have the owner’s manual for the garbage disposal, it may provide more information about specific tools. You may also look up the make and model of your garbage disposal online to see about other required tools. However, the process usually doesn’t require specialized equipment.

How do You Remove a Garbage Disposal?

Once you have the power off and have identified the kind of garbage disposal you have, you can get ready to remove the unit. Before you begin, gather any tools necessary, a bucket, and old towels. You may also want to wear gloves through the removal process.

Once you have all your supplies, you can follow these steps on how to remove a garbage disposal.

Step #1: Disconnect the Garbage Disposal from the Dishwasher (If Necessary)

Once you have the power off, determine if your garbage disposal connects to your dishwasher. Only some disposals connect to the appliance, so you may be able to skip this step. If yours connects, loosen the hose clamp.

Before you remove the hose, place the bucket under the pipe in case leftover water spills out. In addition, the bucket can help you avoid messes and clean up after the process.

Step #2: Remove the Pipe from the Garbage Disposal

Most garbage disposals have a U-shaped pipe that carries away any wastewater that moves through the unit. You may need pliers, a pipe wrench, or an adjustable wrench to remove the fittings off of the pipe, taking it off of the disposal.

Keep the bucket under the connection when you remove the pipe.

Step #3: Remove the Garbage Disposal from the Sink

Once you have disconnected the garbage disposal from the wastewater drainage pipe and the dishwasher, you can remove the unit from your sink. Often you have to unscrew the unit from the drain. However, you may have to unhook a snap ring instead.

Hold the bottom of the disposal as you remove the unit, as these appliances are quite heavy and will fall as you unhook them. Once you remove the unit, you can set it aside, depending on your end goals for the process.

What do You Do After Removing Your Garbage Disposal?

Your steps after removing your garbage disposal can vary based on your goals. For example, suppose you want to eliminate the disposal system altogether. In that case, you may replace the mounting assembly with a series of pipes to connect your sink directly to the rest of your plumbing system.

Many property owners turn to a plumber to help with this task, as mistakes in the connections can lead to leaks and other problems. You may also decide to:

Clean Out and Reattach the Garbage Disposal

In many cases, you can clean a garbage disposal without removing it from the sink. However, if something gets wrapped around the mechanism, you may need to remove the unit, clear the obstruction, and then put it back.

Ensure you keep all the pieces you took off when removing the disposal and reattach the drainage line and connection to the dishwasher before turning the power back on.

Replace Your Old Garbage Disposal

You may also remove a garbage disposal to install a new unit. Generally, these appliances last for many years. However, their motors may eventually wear out, requiring you to purchase and install a new unit.

Can You Get Professional Help with Garbage Disposal Removal?

Wondering how to remove a garbage disposal? The process generally involves some elbow grease and can result in a mess. While you can take care of the removal independently with some tools, some property owners prefer to turn to professionals for help.

Our team at Plumbing by Jake can handle garbage disposal removal for you. We have the tools to handle the process quickly and clean up any mess for you, allowing you to use your time for other purposes.

We can also install a new disposal for you or remove the system completely, reconnecting your pipes to get the system working correctly.

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