It is time to give your home water system a check-up. Today is the time to take advantage of the offer from your neighbor, Plumbing By Jake. We are providing free home water testing services to the citizens of Golden Valley. This is your chance to make sure your family is safe from pollutants and toxins in your tap water.

Golden Valley’s Plumbing By Jake is giving your home a thorough water investigation at no charge. Jake’s years of experience with Arizona water and home water treatment systems make the crew at Plumbing By Jake your perfect plumbing team.

One simple phone call today can schedule an appointment for our expert plumbers to visit your home and inspect the water. Your family uses this water every day, and you want it safe from contaminants.

The number of unknown “things” floating through your home water system will amaze you. Your family is drinking and bathing in the water that pumps through your home pipes. These unknown elements run through the plumbing system that provides water to your kitchen and bathroom. They may seem invisible, but they are dancing through your water system.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has conducted investigations on pollutants in tap water. Exploring your water in Golden Valley is the first step ensuring your family has safe water without dangerous chemicals and elements.

Take a moment and think about your home water system. Imagine all the tap water your family members use to take a shower, brush their teeth, or use to make their tea or coffee. Household tap water is an integral part of daily life. Water is a significant portion of your family’s habits — and, water needs to be safe.

Knowing what may be lurking in your home tap water is the first step to getting rid of contaminants and giving your family healthy water. Some of the unwanted and dissolved elements give-off offensive smells. Others make your water look murky and cloudy. Here are some common water pollutants the free home water test will look for:

  • Calcium
  • Radioactive elements
  • Chlorine
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Nitrate

Other contaminants we test for include:

  • Barium
  • Aluminum
  • Mercury
  • Sulfur

Knowing what you are dealing with is the beginning of clearing any problems.

Golden Valley Water

A few national organizations are looking out for Arizona’s water. One of these groups pushed the legislature to create the National Safe Drinking Water Act that acknowledges more than 300 dangerous elements in water throughout the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors most of these contaminants. But, even with the best intentions of managing toxins, a few slip through into Arizona’s water sources.

Golden Valley is on-board with improving the home safety of its community’s  tap water. To control the variety of contaminants in the water serving Golden Valley, taking advantage of the free home water test from Plumbing By Jake is not just a precaution — it is a necessity.

As you tune-up your home water, one improvement that will enhance your home water system is a water filtration system. This filtration structure destroys hard water problems and the smells and ghastly taste of chlorine.

When you schedule your free home water test, you will meet with an old friend of the residents of Golden Valley. Your neighbors frequently call Plumbing by Jake to unclog drains, install bathtubs, repair toilets, clear sewer, and water lines, and repair or install water heaters.

Jakes keeps you one step ahead of plumbing worries. Catching a little issue before it explodes into a big catastrophe saves you money and headaches. Don’t wait until an emergency flares-up. Plumbing By Jake is your Golden Valley water and plumbing gurus. If you have an issue with plumbing and water lines, we are your fix-it team.

Free Water Testing in Golden Valley

There is nothing better than a free service. Plumbing by Jake continues its commitment to Golden Valley by offering to do a free home water test for you. Our competent Comfort Consultants bring their expertise and equipment to your home and test your water. During this free home water test, we look for contaminants such as arsenic, mercury, lead, nitrates, sulfates, chlorine levels, and dissolved solids (TDS).

If you find brittle outer layers of matter around your fixtures and faucets, or if your tap water tastes disgusting, TDS may be the cause. Experts identify dissolved solids as metals, salts, and organic matter and waste.

The inspection of your water system that comes with your free home water test may uncover hidden obstacles. The water test is a swift procedure that is well worth your time and family’s health. Our capable Plumbing By Jake consultants explain to you what they are looking for and your options to make it better.

Our professional crew can provide you with any plumbing assistance. We do it all for you. We can help you select, install, and become a health-conscious owner of a water treatment system. Just look at what we have to offer you:

  • Your estimate is always honest and up-front
  • Our all-in-one installations eliminate your headaches and hassles
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction

We agree that your family deserves a clean, safe, and soft water in your home. Plumbing by Jake can give you that.

Schedule Your Free Home Water Test Now From Plumbing By Jake

Now is the time to schedule your free home water test by Plumbing By Jake. Don’t wait. Call. Take action. Get your home water tested.

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