When was the last time your home plumbing got maintenance? If you’re like most homeowners in Lake Havasu, you might not be sure — and that may be costing you money.

Home plumbing maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Plumbing By Jake, we make it easy with the most comprehensive annual home plumbing maintenance plan in Lake Havasu. We know that you want your plumbing taken care of without the stress — and without a lot of cost. For more information contact our plumber in Lake Havasu.

That’s why our affordable annual maintenance plans include everything you need:

  • Comprehensive inspection for your home plumbing systems
  • Water heater inspection and tune-up
  • Water pump, sump pump, and sewer pump
  • All faucets, sinks, toilets, and tubs
  • Drains and vents
  • Expansion tank, water supply, and safety shut-offs
  • Water pressure test
  • Water quality test including water hardness, chlorine levels, and total dissolved solids
  • 15% discount on parts & labor for any repairs

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Let us take plumbing maintenance off your to-do list. Call Plumbing by Jake at 928-377-5910 and talk to an expert today.

Why Does My Home’s Plumbing Need Annual Maintenance?

Most of us rarely think of our plumbing systems at all — and when we do, unless we see a leak, we just assume they’re working without issue. But the truth is, pipes and plumbing systems are some of the hardest working fixtures in your home. And, without proper maintenance, they suffer from wear and tear.

Here are some of the most common plumbing issues that regular annual maintenance can help address or prevent:

  • Seals and joints wear out. Pipes need to fit tightly together, with a good seal, in order to prevent leaking. Unfortunately, the fittings and joints of your plumbing tend to wear out over time — which can lead to a sudden leak. Usually, these potential leaks can be caught early on if someone knowledgeable is looking for them. That’s why an inspection is a vital part of our home maintenance plan — to catch the early signs and prevent costly leaks or flooding
  • Water heaters decline in performance. No one likes dealing with long waits for hot water or high-energy costs. And if your hot water just doesn’t seem to be as on-demand as it used to, it might mean that your unit needs a simple tune-up. We include an inspection and fine-tuning of your water heater with our maintenance visit
  • Water pressure issues. Low water pressure can have a lot of causes, from leaks and fixture issues to buildup of deposits in the pipes. We check your water pressure and work to diagnose the cause of low water pressure if needed
  • Declining water quality. Hard water, a funny water taste, or unseen contaminants can all be the result of poorly maintained plumbing. Our maintenance visits include testing your water for hardness, chlorine levels, and total dissolved solids (TDS). TDS measures the presence of any silt, metals, or impurities affecting your drinking water quality
  • Clogs, leaky faucets, and plumbing issues. Everything wears out with time — even plumbing. But some of the most annoying home plumbing issues can often be addressed quickly by a professional. We check drains, sinks, faucets, tubs, toilets, and all other major plumbing fixtures (even your sump pump or sewer pump!). Our mission is simple: find developing issues and eliminate them

What Results Can I Expect?

While the exact results vary with each home, our customers see a real difference when their plumbing is properly maintained. Some of the results we get for homeowners include:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Less water usage
  • Better functioning toilets, faucets, and fixtures
  • Longer life for water heaters and other plumbing systems
  • An end to common annoyances like a running toilet or tubs that don’t drain well

Of course, the biggest return on your investment is the one that often goes unseen: preventing costly plumbing emergencies.

It’s the leaks that never turn into a mildew issue, or the sewage backup that never occurs, where you truly get peace of mind from plumbing maintenance. And avoiding those plumbing emergencies can save you hundreds of dollars or more.

Get Your Lake Havasu Home Plumbing Maintenance Plan Today

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