Lake Havasu Pipe Repair.

A burst pipe is one of the worst plumbing emergencies you can have. A broken pipe can leak gallons of water per hour, even more if the break is on your main line. You must stop the water before it damages your home and property.

If you have a burst pipe, call the plumbing experts at Plumbing By Jake. We can send our Lake Havasu pipe repair service to your home and replace that broken pipe with one that will last for decades. Contact our emergency plumber in Lake Havasu now.

What Should I Do if a Pipe Breaks?

Every homeowner should know where their main water supply shutoff valve is. That will stop the water flow into your home in nearly all cases. It’s vital to the health of your home and property to stop extra water from leaking through the pipe.

The next step is to shut off the power to your home. Depending on how much flooding you have, there may be electricity in the water. Then, determine if the break is in a sewer or freshwater line. If it is sewage, don’t touch it! You could get very ill.

Finally, call Plumbing By Jake. We’ll come to your Lake Havasu home to assess the damage and repair the problem. Our professional technicians will know how to quickly  solve your problem to minimize mold growth in your water-damaged areas.

What Causes Pipes to Break?

There are lots of reasons your pipes might break or crack, and our Lake Havasu pipe repair service team has seen them all. The most common ones we’ve seen include:

  • Moving soil or frozen ground
  • Clogged pipes changing the water pressure in your system
  • Corrosion weakening pipe walls
  • A “bellied pipe” can cause internal buildup at the low point of the sagging
  • Plant roots crushing or invading pipes to get to the water

Other Benefits of Pipe Repair

Even a small crack that leaks just a little is a cause for concern. Repairing these leaks early can save you a lot of money, and repiping an older section of your plumbing can give you peace of mind if you’ve had multiple leaks on the same pipe.

Depending on where you’re having the problem, a pipe repair can increase the water pressure in your home, give you cleaner water, and prevent damage to your yard from underground water damage. Cracked pipes in your yard can be hard to detect on your own, so watch out for cloudier water or any changes in water pressure.

Why Go With Plumbing By Jake?

First, our response time. Response times are critical when you need a pipe repair done. We guarantee our 24/7/365 service and have a dedicated on-call team ready to help you. When we give you a window for our arrival, we stick to it. Every time.

We only hire licensed and experienced plumbers and train them further to handle the special needs of desert plumbing. The reviews and testimonials we have here and on the web tell the story of our expertise.

Finally, we always tell you our prices up front. Our company gives flat-rate estimates, and we stick to them. There are no hidden fees when you use our company’s services, and we guarantee our work. If another problem comes up, call us back to fix it.

Call us to Get Your Pipes Repaired

When your pipes get a crack, leak, or clog, our team is ready to help you promptly and correctly fix the problem. For a free estimate for Lake Havasu pipe repair service, contact Plumbing By Jake