Why Is My Arizona Home’s Water Discolored?

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Why Is My Arizona Home’s Water Discolored?

When you turn on the faucet and notice that the water coming out is anything but clear, your first reaction may be panic. However, there are several reasons why the water in your Arizona home may be discolored.


One possible cause for the water in your home changing color is pipe corrosion. If you have metal pipes, as opposed to plastic or concrete, then you are more likely to experience corrosion. This is because plastic and concrete pipes are immune to corrosion.

The reason for the corrosion can be the result of the properties of the pipe, the chemical make-up of the water, or even the soil that surrounds the pipe. If you have corroded pipes, then they will need to be replaced. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you should hire a licensed professional.

Too Much Build-Up

Sometimes your water may run brown. This is not harmful or toxic, as disgusting as it may seem. It just means that something disrupted the main water supply, causing a build-up of minerals, sediment, or rust. Excess iron can also cause brown water to run out of your tap.

If you have recently replaced your pipes, or if the water company is doing work on the line that requires turning the water off and on again, your water can temporarily turn brown.

However, if you notice your water frequently running brown, this may be a sign that your pipes have rusted. This is an issue you should tend to sooner rather than later, as an untended rusty pipe will almost certainly incur further damage and eventually leak. The last thing you want is to have to deal with water damage to your home.


When it rains, certain toxic products can mix into the water supply. Motor oils from highways, pesticides, and fracking residue can all end up leaching into the water supply when it rains. This can also cause your water to change color.

To be safe, you should not drink or bathe in discolored water until you have discovered the true cause of the problem. Of course, even clear water doesn’t necessarily mean the water is safe, but if your water is discolored, you can never be too careful.

Testing Your Water

To determine the true cause of brown or discolored water, see if you notice a smell when it’s coming out of the tap. For instance, chlorine is a normal smell, but methane may not be. You can also check to see if you have stains on your clothes after you wash them. This may be a sign that you have hard water. If so, try running your cold water tap to see if the water clears. This could take a few minutes. You can also ask your neighbors if they’ve been having similar issues. If so, then you may be able to narrow the issue down to a problem with your main water supply rather than with a pipe in your home.

Sometimes your water company will post updates to their website indicating when they’ll be working on the lines and when to expect changes in your water. Keep an eye out for these updates to assuage your concerns.

If your water comes from a well, you can always have your water tested to find out what is truly in it. In particular, the EPA recommends testing every three years if you notice a difference in the way your water tastes, smells, or looks. Specifically, in addition to hard water and corrosion, they also recommend testing for:

  • Sulfate
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Chloride

Experiencing Problems with Your Water? Plumbing by Jake Can Help!

If you believe your discolored water may be the result of a corroded pipe, and you don’t feel comfortable attempting to repair it yourself, then you need to call in a licensed professional. The emergency plumbers on our team at Plumbing by Jake are here for you 24/7. And when you don’t have clean running water in your home…it’s always an emergency.

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We serve several locations throughout Arizona, including Bullhead City, Golden Valley, and Kingman. So, if your water doesn’t look quite right, and you’re not sure what’s causing the problem, don’t delay – call us today!