plumber installing new garbage disposal system

Has your garbage disposal stopped working in Golden Valley, Arizona? Our team at Plumbing by Jake can take care of this issue. Our plumbers take care of repairs and the installation of new garbage disposal systems. 

You can set up Golden Valley garbage disposal installation and repair services by calling us or completing our online contact form. We have experience working with a range of makes and models and always provide professional service.

Why Let Us Handle Your Golden Valley Garbage Disposal Needs?

Many property owners rely on their garbage disposal as an essential feature of their kitchens. While garbage disposals may not be as noticeable as the refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher, they play an essential role in keeping things running smoothly. 

When your garbage disposal breaks down, it can throw a wrench in your cooking plans. Fortunately, our team can step in to help with repairs or the installation of a new model quickly. We have extensive experience handling:

We offer a 5-Star Service Guarantee to all our clients in Golden Valley. You can count on our technicians to:

  • Show up on schedule 
  • Do the job correctly the first time
  • Provide you with an up-front estimate of cost

Our team promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all garbage disposal services. In addition, we provide fast and affordable service from licensed, bonded, and insured technicians. 

What Problems do Garbage Disposal Repair Crews Handle?

We provide complete Golden Valley garbage disposal installation and repair services. You can reach out to us if you notice that:

Your Garbage Disposal Stops Working

Generally, you have to flip a switch to turn the garbage disposal on. If the switch fails to work, you can troubleshoot the issue by checking the circuit breaker. Press the reset button to see if the unit starts working again.

If your garbage disposal refuses to work even after you reset the circuit breaker, you can reach out to a plumbing professional for assistance. 

The Disposal Stops Grinding Up Food

Sometimes, garbage disposals turn on but do not work effectively. They may, instead, make a humming sound when you flip the switch. In this situation, we often suspect something is stuck in the garbage disposal flywheel. 

You may try to nudge the flywheel with a broom handle to unjam it. However, please do not attempt to unjam the wheel by hand, as you could sustain a severe injury. If you cannot free the flywheel easily, a plumber can step in to help. 

The Disposal Works Ineffectively

You may notice that your garbage disposal works less effectively over time. Regular usage causes garbage disposal blades to wear out and become dull. A technician could replace the blades or sharpen them to return the system to its original state. 

Your Garbage Disposal Leaks

Damaged hoses and seals can cause garbage disposals to leak. Generally, property owners notice the leaks under the sink, but the disposal can also leak into your dishwasher, depending on how it’s hooked up. 

Plumbing crews can inspect the unit, find the leak, and repair the issue. 

Your Garbage Disposal Has a Clog

Does your sink refuse to drain even though the garbage disposal runs? In this situation, you might have a clog in your pipes. A plumber can remove the clog and get your sink running smoothly again.

You can also reduce the odds of experiencing a clog if you avoid putting certain things in the garbage disposal. Do not pour fat, oils, and grease down the sink to minimize the chance of a developing a clog. You may also want to avoid trying to grind up meats and vegetable peels. 

When Do You Need to Install a New Garbage Disposal?

Our garbage disposal repair services can often address your kitchen concerns quickly. However, in some cases, you may decide to replace your old garbage disposal. If the unit stops working entirely or has a problem with the motor, it could be time for a change. 

Additionally, some property owners in Golden Valley have a kitchen without a garbage disposal. In this situation, you may want to upgrade your kitchen’s utility by contacting a plumber to install a brand-new system. 

Our Golden Valley garbage disposal installation and repair services provide you with:

High-End Products

Selecting the right garbage disposal for your kitchen can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the unit. Our team helps you find a quality model that’s less likely to break down over the long haul. 

Affordable Prices

Our team focuses on providing flat-rate pricing for customers in Golden Valley. We provide you with an estimate before we start work so that you can fit the installation into your budget without any unpleasant surprises. 

A Satisfaction Guarantee

Our garbage disposal technicians put you first. We properly install all garbage disposals, helping you avoid leaks or other damage caused by improper installation techniques. We back our work up with a 5-Star Service Guarantee. 

How Long does Garbage Disposal Service Take?

We work around your schedule to handle garbage disposal installation and service. Generally, repairs and service take a few hours once crews reach your property. However, we always take the time to complete the job correctly. 

Speak to Us About Garbage Disposal Service in Golden Valley

You can set up an appointment for garbage disposal installation and repair services in Golden Valley now. Our team at Plumbing by Jake can review your specific needs and handle repairs or replacement services. 

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