Technician Repairing Leaky Kitchen Faucet

No matter the type or size of leak in your home, plumbing problems can cause significant disruptions in your life. When plumbing problems are beyond your depth of knowledge, attempting to fix them can lead to even bigger problems. The cost of hiring a professional plumber near you is well worth it.

That’s why our team at Plumbing by Jake can be of great assistance to you. Leaky kitchen faucets may seem like an easy fix. However, sometimes, it’s not an easy fix. If you have found that your kitchen faucet is leaky and causing bigger problems in your home’s plumbing, it’s time to reach out to a Golden Valley, AZ, leak repair specialist.

What Should You Do With a Kitchen Faucet Leaking from the Base of the Spout?

If you find that your kitchen faucet is leaking from the base of the sprout, you have various options for fixing this problem. However, there are some things that can be done in order to check if this is a fluke or an actual issue that should be repaired professionally. 

For instance, you can check the severity of the leak by doing these following things:

  1. You can close the valve on your kitchen faucet to have total control over the water flow to the faucet. Make sure this valve is fully closed and turn the faucet back to its open position to test if water is still seeping out. If it’s simply a fixable leak, the water will turn off fully. 
  2. Try to rotate the connection ring counterclockwise by using a wrench. If there is a leak, you can put adhesive tape around the connection ring, and the water should stop. 
  3. By removing the swing sport, you will find an O-ring. Remove this ring, and purchase a new one that is the same size. Heat this new O-ring up and place it back in your faucet to see if there are still leaks. 

Any of these tips and tricks will be able to determine whether or not you need to replace your kitchen faucet. If your kitchen faucet is still leaking after trying any of these three things, it’s time to replace your faucet by seeking professional leak repair services in Golden Valley to prevent further kitchen sink leaks.

How Can Professional Leak Repair Services in Golden Valley Help?

Our professional and skilled team at Plumbing by Jake can assist you in any leak repair services needed in the Golden Valley area. If the hacks listed above dont fix your leaky faucet, it must be repaired professionally. 

At Plumbing by Jake, we bring plenty of benefits for fixing your homes faucet, which include:

The Lowest Repair Costs

When we arrive and look at your leaky kitchen faucet, we will give you a flat rate estimate, which means this total cost will include everything, with no hidden fees. 

Additionally, our professional team knows exactly what to do when fixing your kitchen faucet, so there will be no need for extra costs that might arise if you fix your faucet on your own. Don’t fret, we will get it right the first time, for the lowest possible fee. 

Complete Flexibility Over Your Repair

After giving you the total estimated cost, you will have full control over the decision. With any repair estimates we offer you, you can approve all of it or some of it before we start working. 

Long-Term Decreased Repair Costs

Along with repairing your leaky faucet, we can ensure that all plumbing systems in your home will be inspected, free of charge. During the job, we can check for signs of potential future problems stemming from your leaky kitchen faucet, alieving maintenance or repair costs down the road. 

Why Is Water Leaking from the Base of the Kitchen Faucet?

A leaky faucet can be a nuisance. It can drip for days, leaving water marks on your cabinets, walls. and floors. The source of the leak may not be apparent if it is coming from the spout of a non-compression faucet, or from other parts of the faucet assembly. 

Faucets have either sink cartridges or compression valves that open and close to control the flow of water. Often, faucet leaks are caused by worn cartridges or worn stem assembly washers. Replacing these parts cures most faucet leaks. 

Here are two of the other common faucet issues that can lead your kitchen faucet to leak:

Worn Sink Cartridges

Single- and double-faucet handle faucets often contain internal parts called sink cartridges, which are hidden under the faucet handles. These devices, which are either metal or plastic material, control the flow of water and cannot be repaired. 

However, they can be removed and replaced in pairs. So, if this is the case, you’ll need to purchase the same kind of cartridge that fits with your kitchen faucets brand. 

Worn-Out Compression Faucet Washers

Another type of faucet is the compression valve faucet, which shuts off the water when the faucet handle is turned. This type of faucet uses something called a stem washer within its assembly and can be slowly worn down with time. 

Even if you tighten this faucet, water won’t fully shut off, which means that it needs to be fixed professionally. 

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